333 collocations for cheering

The sight of him, the sound of his voice, even if he were not saying good morning to her, would cheer her heart for one whole, long, hot day: and if he spoke to her, if he looked at her, nothing could touch her with sadness for hours afterward.

She related the many kindnesses that had been shown Pros and his kinfolk at the Hospital, how the old man had been there for three months, treated as a guest during the latter part of his stay rather than a patient, and how Mr. Stoddard would leave his work in the office to come and cheer the sick man, or quiet him if he got violent.

Let me sing you my latest song to cheer your spirits.

But this gracious reception failed to cheer the sad mind of Helena, and she said, "Madam, my lord is gone, for ever gone."

We claim the right to start any rumor of this sort that will cheer the souls of an admiring constituency.

in every clime a flying ray 500 Is all we have to cheer our wintry way;

to you, Who cheered the stranger's darkest days, And helped him on his way, what praise And gratitude are due!

I ought to go and sustain our soldiers by cheering words and a brave example.

140 Yet are thy softer arts with power indued To soothe and cheer the poor man's solitude.

'Twas this compelled the stern decree, That forc'd thee to those distant towers, And left me nought but love for thee, To cheer my solitary hours.

And wherefore here?" "To cheer thee in thy loneliness, my lord.

And now, as if a farewell to the world Were meant, a sumpteous banquet hath he made; Yet not with countenance that feasters use, But cheeres his friends the whilest himselfe lookes sad.

" Daggett cheered his companion by a good deal of confident talk; but Roswell was heartily rejoiced when, at the end of four-and-twenty hours more, the Vineyard craft was pronounced entirely ready.

As we were both very much alone in the world, I thought the wisest thing we could do would be to cheer each other's loneliness.

That dismal Moor In spite of all the larks that cheered our path, I never can forgive it: but how steadily You paced along, when the bewildering moonlight Mocked me with many a strange fantastic shape!

So he tried to cheer his little brother, and told him to go to sleep and forget the cold night and think about the morning that would come.

David cheers the team.

Then, midst this holy grief of thine, The thought of some true friend may bless, And cheer the gloom like angel's smile, Or sunbeam in a wilderness.

"Glory, honor, and immortality," will be the reward of those who had recognized and cheered their Lord through his outraged poor.

The boys did their best to cheer up the girls, but their efforts were not entirely successful.

He found him at 15 (now 14 1/2) Patrick Street, on a straw bed, in a room full of ragged ballad-singers come to cheer his last moments.

I know not the reason, but to me thou hast ever seemed to feel the hope with which thou hast cheered the prisoner; while now, thou seemest to have even a frightful pleasure in despair.

But as he described her character, and spoke of her sincere and humble faith, and of all that she had been to him since the first day of his captivity, they became more than reconciled to the alliance, and thanked God who had so mercifully provided their son with such a friend and companion, to cheer his otherwise lonely life.

But the next night, when Robin did not come for him, he felt very lonely indeed, and the next day he was so sorrowful that he wandered far away into the forest, in the hope of finding something to cheer him a little.

This was cheering news; and the torrents having much diminished in size, some having disappeared altogether, Roswell set out for the cape, leaving the second mate in charge of the wreck.

333 collocations for  cheering