87 collocations for chides

"Sweet son," said she soft-voiced, from the shadow of her sombre hood, "thy reverend mother now would chide thee, for that having but short while to live, thou dost stand thus mumchance, staring upon vacancy for, with the dawn, we die.

" Have I chid men for [an] unmanly choice, That would not fit their years?

His house was known to all the vagrant train; He chid their wanderings but relieved their pain.

I have known a Woman branch out into a long Extempore Dissertation upon the Edging of a Petticoat, and chide her Servant for breaking a China Cup, in all the Figures of Rhetorick.

" [Sidenote: Sir Kay chides Percival] When the Queen heard the words of Percival she laughed with great merriment.

He chided his own weakness inwardly, when he felt the hot tears surging to his eyes at thought of the unworthy use to which his little hoard was about to be put.

To chide the winds; or hiving bees that fly About the laughing blossoms of sallowy, Rocking asleep the idle grooms that lazy lie.

He chid the sisters, When first they put the name of king upon me, And bade them speak to him; then, prophet-like, They hail'd him father to a line of kings: Upon my head they plac'd a fruitless crown, And put a barren sceptre in my gripe, Thence to be wrench'd with an unlineal hand, No son of mine succeeding.

he said gently, as one might chide a child for talking nonsense.

My Master wonders what is the matter with me; I am afraid to tell him; for he is a Man that loves to encourage Learning, and would be apt to chide my Father, and, not knowing my Fathers Temper, may make him worse.

"Somebody was of course to blame," and as it is a long-established rule that a part of every teacher's duty is to be responsible for the faults of the pupils, so Madam Conway now continued to chide Mrs. Jeffrey as the prime-mover of everything, until that lady, overwhelmed with the sense of injustice done her, left the oil and retired to her room, saying as she closed the door: "I was never so injured in all my lifenever.

"You mustn't have ideas after nine P.M., Nancy!" chided her mother.

As thus he strode along in anger, putting together the words he would use to chide Little John, he heard, of a sudden, loud and angry voices, as of men in a rage, passing fell words back and forth from one to the other.

Malati (30) chides her friend for advising her to make a secret marriage, and later on exclaims (75): "I am lost!

Yet I'll not chide theeAnd when hence you roam, Should my sad fate one tear of pity move, Ah! then return!

Before necessity, that knows no ruth, Ordained thy frugal use in tea and coffee, Some Stoics banned theemen who in their youth Showed an unnatural dislike of toffee; For sweetness charms the normal human tooth, Sweetness inspires the singer's tenderest strophe, Since old LUCRETIUS musically chid The curse of lifeamari aliquid.

The cook-house and servants' quarters were in a hut close by, and I could summon my retainers or chide them for undue chatter from my bedroom windowa serviceable short cut for the dinner, too, in wet and stormy weather!

They broke my pitcher And spilt the water, And huffed my mother, And chid her daughter, And kissed my sister instead of me.

As the cap was doffed, however, and the long feather swept the tapestried floor, Louis forgot to chide this ostentatious defiance of his will, and with a smile motioned his splendid courtier to a seat.

At a very early hour in the morning the alarum called the maids, and their mistress also; and if the former were tardy, a louder alarum, and more formidable, was heard chiding their delaynot that scolding was peculiar to any occasion; it regularly ran on through all the day, like bells on harness, inspiriting the work, whether it were done well or ill."

Oh, there was joy in that village that night again and again the children told their interesting story, and those who listened forgot to chide their disobedience, or to harshly reprove.

Bettine replies to Goethe's mother, who chides her disregard of dress,"If I cannot do as I have a mind, in our poor Frankfort, I shall not carry things far."

Compassion once obliged me to drive away with my fan, a beetle that kept him in distress, and chide off a dog that yelped at his heels, to which he would gladly have given up me to facilitate his own escape.

When it was finished and the bishop came to consecrate it, he chided Egede because the altar was too fine; it must have cost more than they could afford.

Avarice was in his blood; and cruelty also, though it ill became a Roman to chide an enemy on that score.

87 collocations for  chides