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1728 collocations for choosing

"Now," she said, "choose two or three men to speak for you.

Mary chose the places for the buildings.

"It'll be an awfully long walk for you," he said at last, choosing his words with some difficulty.

Well, then, he, putting full trust in the veiled meaning of my words, and choosing the proper time and place, came to an experience of that which I desired as much as he, although I feigned the contrary.

he chose the course best fitted to command public attention, as the result proved.

And they besought him with a thousand arguments to return and choose again the better way.

Whoever had set it there had accurately chosen the highest available point on that side of the island, the spot of all others where it would make good its signal to the eye of any chance farer upon those shipless seas.

I chose this subject because it is comparatively new.

In choosing a wife, you follow the craft, And forthwith on the mats the feast-vessels stand.

The woman whose father or husband adjusts her expenses and expenditures cannot by any possibility be the kind of woman that the one is who chooses her own things, and spends her money absolutely to suit herself.

" "I could wish I had a right to inquire why you, who have so few causes in general to be out of spirits, should have chosen a moment so little in accordance with the common feeling.

" "You ought to be chosen the next President!"

Lead me by Thine own hand; Choose out my path for me.

Dress your daughters and let them choose their husbands themselves.

The Syrians sometimes chose this road in preference to advancing through Samaria, the Romans suffered retreat on it, Richard Coeur de Lion made it the path for his approach towards the Holy City, and, precisely as in Joshua's day and as when in the first century the Romans fell victims to a tremendous Jewish onslaught, the fighting was hardest about the Beth-horons, but with a different resultthe invaders were victorious.

He had been chosen a member of the House of Burgesses, as had his father before him, and was one of the most considerable men in the county.

"He chose his friends among the common people.

And she was offered to thirteen criminals doomed to suffer death, and they all chose death.

Then by the time he is eighteen he will be able to choose his profession.

Here we provisionally chose a Battery position close to a small solitary house, known as Casa Girardi, on the edge of a pine wood.

Vincy was away, and evidently she had by accident chosen the day of Aylmer's return without knowing anything of his absence.

I chose a camping-ground on the brink of one of the lakes where a thicket of Hemlock Spruce sheltered me from the night wind.

George Podibrad, leader of the church-reform party, chosen King of Bohemia.

You have chosen as yours A level life of little happenings; And through the long autumnal evenings Lord Love, no doubt, is of the company, And hugs your ingleside contentedly, Smiles at old griefs, and rustles needless wings.

Whatever there is in you which is better and sweeter than their own ideas and customs will in time be absorbed by the family; for what is good is ever positive to the less good, and has a power of its own to convert; and every human soul, if left free, will eventually choose the good.

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