90 collocations for cleaves

He cleaves the air like a bullet, and so swift is his career that the eye can scarcely trace his flight.

A man under Muckluck's window, dressed in a moose-skin shirt, straw hat, broadcloth trousers, and carpet slippers, in one hand a tin pail, in the other something tied in a handkerchief, called out lustily to a ragged individual, cleaving a way through the throng, "Got your stuff aboard?" "Yes, goin' to get it off.

He cleft his head from his shoulders, And, marshalling his train, Made haste once more on his journey Across Toledo's plain.

With these weapons ever ready, in the hand of an Indian, either to cut his way through the forest, to fell the timbers for his wigwam or his canoe, to slay the game that his arrows have brought to the ground, or to cleave the skull of his enemydid old Masasoyt and his devoted followers divide the large tough climbing plants that obstructed their passage.

Don't she cleave the water?

" The angel-wing that had cleaved the sky to let this picture in lifted her upon its pinions, and bore her through the azure, and I saw the great Hand open, as of one casting out many seeds upon the earth.

In conclusion, you will allow me to say that it was these same ten men, who on February 15, 1911, hoisted the flag of their country, the Norwegian flag, on a more southerly point of the earth than the crew of any other ship whose keel ever cleft the waves.

With irresistible feet He stampt and cleft the earth.

Thou hast cleft my heart in twaine.

His feet never stink so unbecomingly as when he trots after a lawyer in Westminster-hall, and even cleaves the ground with hard scraping in beseeching his worship to take his money.

They divided the forefront of the battle, and cleaving a passage with the sword, opened a road for their fellows.

The day wears out, and the starry night Hushes the world to sleep, to sleep; The dew-shower falls in the still moonlight, And none wake now, save those who weep; But rustling on through the starry night, Like a band of spirits the Passage-birds flee, Cleaving the darkness above the sea, Swift and straight as an arrow's flight.

The Normans press on the assault, and the English defend their post well; they pierce the hauberks and cleave the shields, receive and return mighty blows.

In truth, I note strange changes in your mien A wandering glance, quick, restless eagerness, Rapt snatches of deep thought, wherein the mind Seems cleaving heaven with wild extatic wings: Your cheeks are pale, and all your nervous frame Thrills 'neath some strange enthusiastic touch.

And then in a ship would I have sailed, cleaving the Ionian sea, to the fountain of Arethusa, to the home of my Aitnaian friend, who ruleth at Syracuse, a king of good will to the citizens, not envious of the good, to strangers wondrous fatherly.

MS. rightly gives "cleave the ayre.

Sharp pains darted like red-hot needles through his limbs, his back tortured him, and his head ached as though a knife had cleft the base of his skull.

And drowned, as it were, in the midst of the Kuru-array, Arjuna, pierced by that mighty car-warrior,king Satruntapapierced the latter in return with five and then slew his car-driver with ten shafts, and pierced by that bull of the Bharata race with an arrow capable of cleaving the thickest coat of mail, Satruntapa fell dead on the field of battle, like a tree from a mountain-top torn up by the wind.

She was also closely associated in their myth with their culture-hero Bochica, the story being that on one occasion, when an ill-natured divinity had inundated the plain of Bogota, Bochica appeared to the distressed inhabitants in company with Cuchaviva, and cleaving the mountains with a blow of his golden sceptre, opened a passage for the waters into the valley below.

The stone and cruel gout upon him seize; To quell their rage some fam'd physicians come Who scarce less cruel, crowd the sick man's room; On him they operatethese learned folk, Make him saw rocks, and cleave the solid oak; And gladly would the man his fate resign For such an humble, happy state as thine.

Close your blue eyes now in sleep, Little Nell; Her angel smiles to see her weep; At morn a ship will cleave the deep, And one alone will be borne away, And one will clasp thee close, and pray; Oh Little Nell, Never, never beneath the sun, Will you dream what you this night have done, Done so well, Little Nell.

No step retreating, on the sand impress'd, Invites the visit of a second guest; No refluent fin the unpeopled stream divides, No revolant pinion cleaves the airy tides; 235 Nor handed moles, nor beaked worms return, That mining pass the irremeable bourn.

Shine thou with thy beams of light upon the face of Osiris Ani, who is true of voice; for he singeth hymns of praise unto thee at dawn, and he maketh thee to set at eventide with words of adoration, May the soul of Ani come forth with thee into heaven, may he go forth in the M[=a]tet boat, may he come into port in the Sektet boat, and may he cleave his path among the never-resting stars in the heavens.

" But swift and fair As the Primeval word that smote the night "Let there be light!" Courage shall leap from me, a gallant sword To rout the enemy and all his horde, Cleaving a kingly pathway through despair.

"He rushed straight upon a Norman who was armed and riding on a war-horse, and tried with his hatchet of steel to cleave his helmet; but the blow miscarried, and the sharp blade glanced down before the saddle-bow, driving through the horse's neck down to the ground, so that both horse and master fell together to the earth.

90 collocations for  cleaves