358 collocations for climb

He had heard, too, that a bear could not climb a small, straight tree, and he could.

Then you climb a villainously long hill and pop out upon an open platform above the city.

We then ascended, for about three miles, with far fatigue than I formerly experienced in climbing the Catskill mountains of my native State, and found ourselves on the summit of an extensive ridge, which formed the margin of a vast elliptical basin, the bottom of which presented a most beautiful landscape.

"Benedict," said Sir Brian as they climbed the turret stair, "blasphemy is a dread and awful thing.

But what death was I never had any very distinct idea, until one day I climbed the low stone wall of the old burial-ground and mingled with a group that were looking into a very deep, long, narrow hole, dug down through the green sod, down through the brown loam, down through the yellow gravel, and there at the bottom was an oblong red box, and a still, sharp, white face of a young man seen through an opening at one end of it.

I could not see this rash Glonglim attempt to climb that dangerous ladder, without feeling alarm for his safety.

In climbing a fence, the rope slipped, caught him by the neck, and strangled him.

Well, one day, in company with a boy who was visiting me, I went up to the 'falls,' and we concluded to climb the shelving rocks to the 'table;' and taking off our shoes and stockings, entered upon the perilous ascentfor such to some extent it was.

Forthwith Prat sank down among the fern and was gone, while Beltane watched, keen-eyed, where four men of Sir Hollo's outposts climbed the slope hard by.

They watched him climb up the steps of the snorting, smoky local, saw his bags tossed into the baggage car, and then, with a shrill grinding of wheels, the training resumed its way.

When we climbed a ridge, we found ourselves looking down on a spider-web of other valleys and cañons of the same nature, all diverging to broad downs and a jump into the sea, all converging to the outworks that guarded the volcano with its canopy of vapour.

Evadne Hildreth was climbing the heights of victory.

And King meant to go down to it; to cross it; to climb the dizzy cliff upon the further side!

The chill of the water revived me somewhat, and I had the strength to climb the other bank.

They climbed the steep ascent of heaven Through peril, toil, and pain: O God, to us may grace be given To follow in their train!

The endurance of the species is shown by its wandering occasionally out over the lava plains with the Yellow Pine, and climbing moraineless mountain-sides with the Dwarf Pine, clinging to any chance support in rifts and crevices of storm-beaten rocksalways, however, showing the effects of such hardships in every feature.

I climbed the brief flight of stairs.

Garibaldi, when no battle was raging or danger nearif in the city, selected some lofty belfry-tower; if in the country, climbed the loftiest peak; and, with brief minutes of repose under his saddle-tent, literally lived on horseback, posting his own pickets, making his own observations, sometimes passing hours in perfect silence, scanning the most distant and minute objects through his telescope.

Then swift steps climbed Knockfarrel's barren steep, And Alvin called, with trembling voice and deep, To Caoilte, crouching low, with bended head, "Who liveth?" ...

Her horse climbed the rocky path slowly.

"Mother says II can go if only you" "Your mother'd say you could have the moon, too, if she had to climb a greased pole to get it.

While your really brave fellow is climbing a dizzy staircase to the moonI write in figureI would shake with fear upon a lower platform.

The moon was three-quarters full, and was just beginning to climb the sky.

CHAPTER XXII A dusty motor-car climbed the long road leading up to the Neuman ranch.

For them no more the blazing hearth shall burn, Or busy housewife ply her evening care: No children run to lisp their sire's return, Or climb his knees the envied kiss to share.

358 collocations for  climb