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111 collocations for  clings

111 collocations for clings

To the right, as one passes this curious formation, is a steep wall of stratified stone, draped with clinging vines, and overgrown with evergreens.

They are fools enough to cling to their own lives and the lives of those near them.

He left the door open, to have light to do his work by, but Marcia closed it, clinging to the gilded satyr's head that served for knob with both hands, her lips drawn tight against her teeth, her whole face tortured with anticipation.

He drove faster and faster, and I clung tighter and tighter, but alarmed at two immense dangers: first, that I should stop his breath by dragging the girdle so tightly; and, next, that when it became unendurable to him, he would loosen it in front.

The strongest swimmer would stand no chance: those clinging arms could hold two or three men under water.

โ€˜โ€ฆAlas! to see the strength that clings Round woman in such hours!โ€ฆA mournful sight, Though lovely!

All your traditions, all your love and loyalty cling round this thing which it seems to you you can't have touched.

Thou little thing That curlest in my arms, what sweet scents cling All round thy neck!

Maggie was a warm-hearted girl, and she loved the stately lady she had been wont to call her grandmother with a filial, clinging love which could not be severed, and still this love was naught compared to what she felt for Arthur Carrollton, and the giving up of him was the hardest part of all.

" 'Twas a soft, white, clinging gown, high-necked and long-sleeved, with the perfume of incense in its folds, Janet vested her mistress in.

And strewn through life's low labors, Like gold in the desert sands, Are love's swift kisses and sighs and vows And the clasp of clinging hands.

Remove all the wet, clinging clothing that is convenient.

He caught her fiercely to his heart, and for the first time their lips met in a long, clinging kiss.

"Dead!" echoed the child, clinging motionless to the wheel.

"Never again!" From that Max could judge the lesson had been impressed on Steve's mind indelibly; and that as long as he lived he would be careful how he entered an unknown stream when fishing; and especially how he became so engrossed in his sport as to stand a length of time in one spot, without working his feet up and down so as to make sure they were free from clinging sand.

Roads, too, were mere bush tracks in the forest, knee-deep either in dust or in greasy clinging mud.

When winter trees bestrew the path, Still to the twig a leaf or twain Will cling and weep, not Winter's wrath, But that foreknown forlorner pain To fall when green leaves come again.

These were Indian girls, in stiff shoes and closely clinging dresses.

About the first there clung some flavor of good birth and training, as about a fallen angel; something long, lithe, and courtly in the person; something aquiline and darkling in the face.

That was his character, as she saw it, free of clinging roots of yesterday's events, living some new part every day.

Just as the memories of great and famous days that cling round the old towns of Wessexthreads of faith and chivalry, valour and high endeavourmake an opalescent robe to hide for a moment the futilities of the present.

She removed, with deft fingers, a damp and clinging bandage from about Patricia's head, and patted the back of Patricia's hand, placidly.

Leichhardt is the Franklin of Australia, around whose name has ever clung a tantalising veil of mystery and romance.

" She watched him with something of that utter clinging mother-love in her eyes that claims any degree of suffering gladly rather than the loss of her ownpassionately welcoming misery in preference to loss.

We saw our first wild pines (Tillandsias, etc.) clinging parasitic on the boughs of strange trees, or nestling among the angular limb- like shoots of the columnar Cereus.

Otherwise he would not dare to face the awful, clinging arms of the Cuttle, that ogre of the deep sea.

Just as the memories of great and famous days that cling round the old towns of Wessexthreads of faith and chivalry, valour and high endeavourmake an opalescent robe to hide for a moment the futilities of the present.

No comfort in life remained to her but her religion, to whose practice she clung as to her all; but even in this her life was embittered by facts to which, with the best disposition in the world, she could not shut her eyes.

In dreary days of snow and frost Closer to Man will cling the Sparrow: Old friends, although in life we're crost, Their hearts to us will never narrow.

The man made a violent jerk to wrest the weapon from him, and still clinging fast hold of it he was pulled on board.

He stretched his head forward, straining-to lift himself away from that horrible, clinging suction.

Her plain black dress, of soft, clinging silk, swayed about her as she took her place.

Now to thy father's loved hand gaily clinging, To ask for the kiss he stoops fondly to gi'e; To his care-laden spirit once more thou art bringing The freshness of thine, bonny winsome wee Gee![100]

And there all the time, all the time, they had been clinging, far out on the bowsprit, those two figures, her arms close-knit about him, he clasping her with one, the other twisted in the hawser, whose harsh thrilling must have filled their ears like an organ-note as it swung them to and fro,clinging to life,clinging to each other more than to life.

These hedges are festooned with masses of clinging luxuriant creepers, among which sometimes struggles up a custard apple, an avocado pear, or a wild plum-tree.

Ere life's autumnal blossoms fall, And Earth's brown, clinging lips impress The long cold kiss that waits us all!

The mind unenlightened upon the inner laws of being, and upon the nature and destiny of its own life, clings to transient appearances, things which have in them no enduring substantiality, and so clinging, perishes, for the time being, amid the shattered wreckage of its own illusions.

He waded until he swam, and so he crossed the pond and came out upon the other side, trailing, as it seemed to him, not duckweed, but very silver in long, clinging, dripping masses.

" At last, however, she was taken to England by a faithful comrade of the dead soldier, who sought out her uncle and left her in his care, taking leave of the frightened, clinging little creature with a grim, unspoken tenderness, and a strange quiver of his gray moustache.

See with what truth and faithfulness of sisterly attachment she clings to Bob.

He could see the animal's claws tensely clinging to the rope strands that held the banner.

Be she grave or gay in after-life, wanton or pious or sullen, comely or otherwise, there will be no possible chance of incongruity; whether she develop a taste for winter-gardens or the higher mathematics, whether she take to golf or clinging organdies, the event is provided for.

It was Flip, but Flip made taller by the lengthened skirt and clinging habiliments of fashion.

He sees first a happy family, a charming, clinging little simpleton of a wife, with half a dozen or so infants clinging to her skirts and bosom, and her round eyes lifted in adorable helplessness to the face of that great, strong lord and master, her husband.

He described his palace-hut; his arms, his hunting spear, his canoe; his return to his hut, with the fruits of the chase; the graceful, delicate person of his wife; her clinging fondness on his entrance; his tenderness for her, and for his childrenfor she bore to him a son and a daughter; and, while he spoke, he burst into tears, and sobbed like a child.

The child who had ever walked in that narrow way, as if it were the only path in which the children of earth might tread, had taught her bereaved mother, that those precious words from the book of life, which she had ever recognized, but had not strength to cling thereto in the hour of trial, were truly Christ's words of tenderness; she could now smile upon the chastening rod.

My guide told me that when he first called upon the family, in the depth of last winter, he found the children all clinging round about their mother in the cold hovel, trying in that way to keep one another warm.

And now we see the gorgeous cavalcade, Within the walls in Accad's grand parade They pass, led by the maidens crowned with flowers, Who strew the path with fragrance;to the towers And walls and pillars of each door bright cling The garlands.

And she stood with her right hand on her hip, which jutted out to receive it like the curve of a breaking wave: and her bare right breast stood out and shone like a great moonlit sea pearl, while the other was hiding behind the curling fold of the pale green garment that ran around her, embracing her with clinging clasp like a winding wisp of emerald foam fondly wrapping the yielding waist of Wishnu's sea-born wife.

Men cling to and gratify the flesh as though it were going to last for ever, and though they try to forget the nearness and inevitability of its dissolution, the dread of death and of the loss of all that they cling to clouds their happiest hours, and the chilling shadow of their own selfishness follows them like a remorseless specter.

For a second, which seemed an hour, they grasped her extended hand with a close, clinging touch that some way seemed half familiar.

About the snowy peak there clung a rift of vapor, as if some passing cloud had caught upon it and torn off a fragment.

After a hundred such tense yet clinging chords, the sustaining calm was illustrated, not broken, by a serpentine phrase of one lone oboรซ, pianissimo over the piano-surface, which it crisped not, but on and above which it breathed like the track of a sunbeam aslant from a parted cloud.

He turned back to hear the last of Sally Bent's voice, whipping his eyes past Gaspar to avoid meeting again that clinging stare.

For how many centuries have the blackberries tempted men, women, and children out into the fields, laughing at scratched hands and nettles, and clinging burrs, all merrily endured for the sake of so simple a treasure-trove.

By the Summer stately, Truant, thou wast fondly reared and bred: Dost thou linger here so lately, Knowing not thy beauteous friend is dead, Like to hearts that, clinging Fervent where their first delight was fed, Move us with untimely singing Of the hopes whose blossom-time is sped?

The young girl clings passionately even to her grief, and rejects as an insult the idea that such deep regret can become less in all a lifetime,that love, immortal, vital, all-pervading, can perish from its prime, and flutter away into dust like the dead leaves of a rose.

Bill was hard to persuade, but since Dade was a man who inspired faith instinctively, the exchange was finally accomplished, Bill still showing that strange, clinging disposition that made him grip the saddle-horn as a drowning man is said to grasp at a straw.

The surface of the steel was still covered, after they had cleared it as much as they could, with a thin, clinging coat of plaster which might well conceal the button or device for opening the door.

Both day and night, I nothing speed; Still clings to me the aching need.

A Negro walkednot climbedup a stem like a four-footed animal, his legs and arms straight, his feet pressed flat against it, his hands clinging round ita feat impossible, as far as I have seen, to an Europeantossed us down plenty of green nuts; and our feast began.

I gave up all that was clearly untenable, and clung the firmer to all that still appeared sound.

Though he can crawl, and may have clinging to him certain brute instincts that may be the relics of his anthropoidal days, he has also, thank God, divine desires and discontents, and certain rudimentary wings.

Yet, in that sad, bewilder'd mien, Traces of glory still were seen; Traces of greatness from above, Of noble scorn, devoted love; Of pity such as angels feel, Of clinging faith and martyr'd zeal!

"Vitello"she began, her tongue clinging lovingly to the double l sound"Vee-tail-loh" "Ugh!"

Now that the Social-Democrats, who are a not inconsiderable proportion of the Prussian population, apparently admire their Polish or Bavarian or Danish fellow-subjects all the more because they cling to their own national characteristics, Prince Bรผlow's Bismarckian dictum the other day, that the strength of Germany depends on the existence and dominance of an intensely national Prussia, seemed a mere political survival.

Like Marguerite herself, moreover, he was not heart-whole; and thus he clung to the freedom of an unmarried life, and would fain have declined the honour which was pressed upon him; but the wily Catherine, who instantly perceived his embarrassment, bade him carefully consider the position in which he stood, and the fearful responsibility which attached to his decision.

Then came the baby, Eunice, my little girl; and with one touch of her tiny, clinging fingers, the whole world of shamthe lights and music and glare and glitter just faded all away into nothingness, where it belonged.

Heedless of her cries, Parravicin seized her, and strove to drag her from the horse; but she only clung the closer to Blaize, and the other, expecting every moment to pay another visit to the ground, added his vociferations for assistance to hers.

This manner gave the girl a chance to show her trustful, clinging nature.

Hardly had I written the above when I was hunted from my lair, and rushed down 200 steep feet, and then up some 500 or 600 on the other side of the stream, through an abattis of clinging undergrowth that made a severe toil of what could never have been a pleasure.

" Just then another nun came into the room, said something to Sister Denisa in a low voice, and glided out like a silent shadow, her rosary swaying back and forth with every movement of her clinging black skirts.

And who so stately, so calm-voiced and dignified as this one untilaye, until they stood alone together, and then To see her sway to his fierce arms, all clinging, yearning womanhood, her state and dignity forgotten quite!

Somehow or other (he says) there clings to our minds a certain presage of future ages; and so we plant, that our children may reap; we toil, that others may enter into our labours; and it is this life after death, the desire to live in men's mouths for ever, which inspires the patriot and the martyr.

Besides,and this is the hardship,the pride and the feelings of association cling round a house that has been consecrated by years of affection and by the memory of the dead.

There is one exception to this, however, and we give it below,for, inartistic as this mould may seem, and amorphous as its ideas may be, it is the only instance of any rhymes fully translating the meaning of music, and it is as full of clinging pathos and melody as the great creation it paraphrases, and to which no words will quite respond.

The many varieties of these were in two main groups, those of clear stones and soft, luscious flesh for eating raw, and those of clinging stones and firm flesh for drying, preserving, and making pies.

In dreary days of snow and frost Closer to Man will cling the Sparrow: Old friends, although in life we're crost, Their hearts to us will never narrow.

In reply, the dark-eyed girl, in a sheer dress of soft, clinging stuff, glided into the room.

Old men with the flat tone of coming senility in their voices will suck at their pipes and cackle reminiscently while they tell you of Casey's tumultuous youthwhen he drove the six fastest horses in Colorado on the stage out from Cripple Creek, and whooped past would-be holdups with a grin of derision on his face and bullets whining after him and passengers praying disjointed prayers and clinging white-knuckled to the seats.

And she clung the tighter.

Amy covered her eyes, and Helen grew pale, for part way down the crumbling tower, clinging like a bird to the thick ivy stems, hung Casimer, coolly gathering harebells from the clefts of the wall.

It drains a wild and rugged country whose forests cling to bowlder hills, whose streams issue from deep-riven gorges, where for many years the big gray wolves had gathered in unusual abundance.

You have come back,how strangeout of the grave; Its dreams are in your eyes, and still there clings Dust of the grave on your vainglorious hair; And a mysterious rust is on these rings The ring we gave each other, that young night When the moon rose on our betrothal kiss; When the sun rose upon our wedding day, How wonderful it was to give you this!

Willis was one of those rare natures upon whose purity no mire can cling; who pass through the furnace, and yet not even the smell of fire has passed upon them.

And with a strong, clinging, lingering grasp of the hand, in which the poor fellow expressed the gratitude which he was too shy and awkward to put into words, we parted.

Prodestant Europe will cling to the church the longest, and, do we not already see the indications very planely that after all Europe has turned rationalistic, America will continue to cherish the church and built her a Rome for future generations to bless as the fostering mother of modern Christianity? Notre Dame Cathedral.

Above all must the threshing-floor be levelled with the ponderous roller, and wrought by hand and cemented with clinging potter's clay, that it may not gather weeds nor crack in the reign of dust, and be playground withal for manifold destroyers.

"Dear mamma!" said Florence, kissing her mother with all the warm, clinging affection of former years.

All else is bare, but prophetic: buds everywhere, the whole splendor of the coming summer concentrated in those hard little knobs on every bough; and clinging here and there among them, a brown, papery chrysalis, from which shall yet wave the superb wings of the Luna moth.

The face he loved, changed, disfigured, awfulthe damp clinging hair.

She was one of those helpless, clinging girls who never seem to understand anything clearly.

Bronson, in his shirt-sleeves and wearing a diminutive apron to which clung a fluff of turkey feathers, came from the kitchen.

The barred light shone on a musty skeleton, to which still clung a few mouldy shreds left by the rats; and only the celebrated bone handle identified it as what had once been the maddened finder's idolized Alpaca Umbrella.

She went away a gentle, loving, clinging child; her nature, like her voice, belonging to the order of birds,bright, flitting, merry, confiding.

I clung with desperate fondness to this shadow of existence, its mysterious attractions, and its hopeless prospects.

Closer favourite's kisses cling, Favourite's fingers sharper sting.'" "Very likely," replied Eunanรฉ.

if I could show you these men and women, all the world over, in every stage of history, under every abuse of error, under every circumstance of failure, without hope, without help, without thanks, still obscurely fighting the lost fight of virtue, still clinging, in the brothel or on the scaffold, to some rag of honour, the poor jewel of their souls!

Ten minutes later she emerged in the limp and clinging little frock that toned down her colour and made her plumpness seem but rounded charm.

Directly on this cruel discovery, and as if to heighten its horror to the utmost, the captain, clinging high up the mainmast shrouds, shouted, "Landa-lee!