111 collocations for clings

To the right, as one passes this curious formation, is a steep wall of stratified stone, draped with clinging vines, and overgrown with evergreens.

They are fools enough to cling to their own lives and the lives of those near them.

He left the door open, to have light to do his work by, but Marcia closed it, clinging to the gilded satyr's head that served for knob with both hands, her lips drawn tight against her teeth, her whole face tortured with anticipation.

He drove faster and faster, and I clung tighter and tighter, but alarmed at two immense dangers: first, that I should stop his breath by dragging the girdle so tightly; and, next, that when it became unendurable to him, he would loosen it in front.

The strongest swimmer would stand no chance: those clinging arms could hold two or three men under water.

Alas! to see the strength that clings Round woman in such hours!A mournful sight, Though lovely!

All your traditions, all your love and loyalty cling round this thing which it seems to you you can't have touched.

Thou little thing That curlest in my arms, what sweet scents cling All round thy neck!

Maggie was a warm-hearted girl, and she loved the stately lady she had been wont to call her grandmother with a filial, clinging love which could not be severed, and still this love was naught compared to what she felt for Arthur Carrollton, and the giving up of him was the hardest part of all.

" 'Twas a soft, white, clinging gown, high-necked and long-sleeved, with the perfume of incense in its folds, Janet vested her mistress in.

And strewn through life's low labors, Like gold in the desert sands, Are love's swift kisses and sighs and vows And the clasp of clinging hands.

Remove all the wet, clinging clothing that is convenient.

He caught her fiercely to his heart, and for the first time their lips met in a long, clinging kiss.

"Dead!" echoed the child, clinging motionless to the wheel.

"Never again!" From that Max could judge the lesson had been impressed on Steve's mind indelibly; and that as long as he lived he would be careful how he entered an unknown stream when fishing; and especially how he became so engrossed in his sport as to stand a length of time in one spot, without working his feet up and down so as to make sure they were free from clinging sand.

Roads, too, were mere bush tracks in the forest, knee-deep either in dust or in greasy clinging mud.

When winter trees bestrew the path, Still to the twig a leaf or twain Will cling and weep, not Winter's wrath, But that foreknown forlorner pain To fall when green leaves come again.

These were Indian girls, in stiff shoes and closely clinging dresses.

About the first there clung some flavor of good birth and training, as about a fallen angel; something long, lithe, and courtly in the person; something aquiline and darkling in the face.

That was his character, as she saw it, free of clinging roots of yesterday's events, living some new part every day.

Just as the memories of great and famous days that cling round the old towns of Wessexthreads of faith and chivalry, valour and high endeavourmake an opalescent robe to hide for a moment the futilities of the present.

She removed, with deft fingers, a damp and clinging bandage from about Patricia's head, and patted the back of Patricia's hand, placidly.

Leichhardt is the Franklin of Australia, around whose name has ever clung a tantalising veil of mystery and romance.

" She watched him with something of that utter clinging mother-love in her eyes that claims any degree of suffering gladly rather than the loss of her ownpassionately welcoming misery in preference to loss.

We saw our first wild pines (Tillandsias, etc.) clinging parasitic on the boughs of strange trees, or nestling among the angular limb- like shoots of the columnar Cereus.

111 collocations for  clings