142 collocations for coaxing

"Come, Kazan," coaxed the man.

When Jenkins come home, I often coaxed mother to run about and see some of the neighbors' dogs with me.

It was too much for her; off came her shawl, and she said in that coaxing way of hers, "'I wish you'd let me stop at the place close by and sell this; they'll give a little for it, and I'll get some supper.

Patty demurely promised to try her best to coax her father to agree to this arrangement, and though she said she had little hope of succeeding, Mr. Hepworth seemed willing to take his chances.

She meant to frighten or coax the truth out of him.

With such facts before us, we stirred and pounded, whipped and ground, coaxed the delicate meats from crabs and lobsters and the succulent peas from the pods, and grated corn and cocoanut with the same cheerfulness and devotion that we played Mendelssohn's "Songs Without Words" on the piano, the Spanish Fandango on our guitars, or danced the minuet, polka, lancers, or Virginia reel.

After dinner Christmas Eve we coaxed Miss Lavinia out with us and bought half a bushel of jolly little toys from street fakirs to take home, and then boarded an elevated train and rode about the city until after midnight, in and out the downtown streets and along the outskirts, to see all the poor people's Christmas trees in the second stories of tenements, cheap flats, and over little shops.

But these millionaires who give away a hundred thousand or so, with the understanding that the other fellow will raise another hundred thousand or so, always remind me of a lot of boys coaxing a dog into their yard with a hunk of meat, so that they can tie a tin can to his tailthe pup edges up licking his chops at the thought of the provisions and hanging his tail at the thought of the hardware.

Avery turned her attention to coaxing the fire to burn, and presently went out to Mrs. Marshall in her kitchen to offer her services there.

Despite the most specious half-measures, despite all efforts to galvanize it, to coax life into it, to sting life into it, the nation remained stagnant.

The woman wanted very much to go, and she coaxed her husband about it a great deal; and at last he said he would go, and they started, and many women followed them.

I dare say Maggie has coaxed her grandmother to drive by the post office, thinking there might be a letter from Henry Warner.

Bad luck to the agent that coaxed ye to roam.

Luke began talking to the beast in a musical, coaxing tone.

The wife was always coaxing her husband: "Take the children, do, and lead them up into the mountains."

The judge-advocate has tried every means to coax a confession from him, but without result.

how can I tell you of the long hours when we could not help our darlingof the dark night when, forbidden the room from the malignity of the case, we went to bed to coax mamma to do soof the grey February dawn when there came the words, "Our darling is quite well now"quite

Fifty years ago there was not a native Christian in all these parts, and the missionaries had to coax children into their schools by offering inducements in the form of food and clothing.

We may coax circumstances a little, and shove them about, and make the best of them, but there they are.

Do not pull, but carefully cut and coax the clothes away from the burned places.

When April comes with softly shining eyes, And daffodils bound in her wind-blown hair, Oh, she will coax all clouds from out the skies, And every day will bring some sweet surprise, The swallows will come swinging through the air When April comes!

and, leaping up from his seat, he rushed across the promenade and, taking from his pocket a picture-postcard of some Hungarian beauty, he coaxed Coleopteron to walk on to it, then bore him triumphantly back and deposited him upon the leaf of a palm which overhung our table.

"Do you think," she asked, with a sudden change of manner to the childish, like one trying to coax a compliment out of him, "that I have improved at all during those last days?

"Well, they say he can coax a concession out of even the Sultan of Turkey; that there is no one who can resist him; and I know I shall be doing the right thing by telling him how we stand.

" The old folks knew the meaning of my pauses; and often they coaxed my confidence by asking, "What do you seek, little granddaughter?" "My mother says you are to come to our tepee this evening," I instantly exploded, and breathed the freer afterwards.

142 collocations for  coaxing