61 collocations for coercing

The question fairly stated is, Has the Constitution delegated to Congress the power to coerce a State into submission which is attempting to withdraw or has actually withdrawn from the Confederacy?

He foresaw and he predicted the consequences of attempting to coerce such a people as the Americans with the forces which England could command.

The Barbary States had for a long time coerced the payment of tribute from all nations whose ships frequented the Mediterranean.

It takes out of his hand the power of coercing labor, and provides no other stimulus.

Cobb, Thompson, and myself found much to differ from in it,Cobb because it inculcated submission to Lincoln's election and intimated the use of force to coerce a submission to his rule, and because it reprehended the policy of the Kansas-Nebraska bill; Thompson because of the doctrine of acquiescence and the hostility to the secession doctrine.

It is interesting in the campo in these early days, before the effect of the government's measures for coercing the opinions of the populace is fully declared.

If some strange manifestations of public opinion, do not coerce a spirit of deference to law, and the abandonment of the habit of carrying secret arms, we shall deserve every reproach we may receive, and have our punishment in the unchecked growth of a spirit of lawlessness, reckless deeds, and exasperated feeling, which will destroy our social comfort at home, and respectability abroad.

It may be proper to remark that the late refusal of the Jamaica legislature to fulfil its appropriate functions has no connection with the working of freedom, any further than it may have been a struggle to get rid in some measure of the surveillance of the mother country in order to coerce the labourer so far as possible by vagrant laws, &c.

He says he has no constitutional power to coerce South Carolina, while at the same time he denies to her the right of secession.

Just so, we have often known a single street in Paris coerce the deliberations of the nation.

The Assembly at Frankfort had no power to coerce the Emperor of Austria; they therefore adopted the other solution, viz.: that the rest of Germany was to be reconstituted, and the Austrian provinces left out.

But they were in God's hands; it was not his business to unsettle them; it was not his business to ensnare and coerce their faith.

Unfortunately for such hopes, France had never been consulted in the matter, nor was there ever any idea of coercing France into neutrality, and even the original proposal had to be abandoned on consideration as unpractical.

Who should dare to coerce a Gosling-Green, Member of Parliament, of the Fabian Society, and a hundred other "bodies".

But the secular power has no legal right to coerce heretics unless heresy is a crime.

I do not suppose that a navy ten times larger than ours, or conscription of the most irksome thoroughness, could oblige Canada to remain in the Empire if the general will and feeling of Canada were against it, or coerce India into a sustained submission if India presented a united and resistant front.

A just tribunal administering international law must have decided in favour of Austria, and have used the whole armed force of Europe to coerce Italy into submission.

It is recorded that Peter de Brus, one of the barons who helped to coerce John into signing the Great Charter at Runnymede, made a curious stipulation when he granted some lands at Leconfield to Henry Percy, his sister's husband.

They for the first time distributed the colonists into a series of settlements up and down the river for farming and live-stock tending; they spurred the willing workers by assigning them three-acre private gardens; and they mercilessly coerced the laggard.

" "You couldn't do better, I am sure," said Lady Tyrrell; "only, what's the use of preaching to the poor creatures to live in good houses, when their landlords won't build them, and they must live somewhere?" "Make them coerce the landlords," said Mrs. Duncombe; "that's the only way.

They determined to make one last attempt to coerce into submission this fantastic but resolute leader, who possessed in supreme measure the power of winning the faith and devotion of men.

Mrs. Mac Bouncer coerces Lucy in white satin to sign the fatal contract that will settle Master.

To further notch up circulation, I almost coerced Madkaikar into breaking the back of monopoly newspaper distributors in South Goa by selling retail bundles to any willing vendor on an initial sell-or-return basis.

" Which may be liberally rendered thus: When sea-faring Neptune saw Venice well-founded And stiffly coercing the Adrian main, The jolly tar cried, in a rapture unbounded: "Why, dash my eyes, Jove, but I have you again; You may boast of your city, and Mars of his walling;

A lodge, therefore, should not be deprived of the power of coercing such unworthy Mason, and, by salutary punishment, of vindicating the character of the institution.

61 collocations for  coercing
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