8 collocations for compete


Now that these wings to speed my wish ascend, The more I feel vast air beneath my feet, The more toward boundless air on pinions fleet, Spurning the earth, soaring to heaven, I tend: Nor makes them stoop their flight the direful end Of Daedal's son; but upward still they beat: What life the while with my life can compete, Though dead to earth at last I shall descend?

Well up toward the summit of each known civilization, four groups have shared authority and competed for supremacy: land-lords, wealth-lords, war-lords and priests.

What age can compete, In avoiding the gawdy, achieving the neat, With forty to fifty?

This arises from their great flexibility, which, to compete with mocks the labours of art, and enables them to migrate thousands of miles in a season, without the slightest indications of languor or fatigue.

"The widow who takes in washing," says Graham Wallas, in his deep and searching analysis of our contemporary life, "fails or succeeds according to her skill in choosing starch or soda or a wringing machine under the influence of half a dozen competing world-schemes of advertisement....

who can compete with my islands in value?" MRS.

I had then competed my eighth year.

8 collocations for  compete