547 collocations for comprising

Her whole complement then comprised only ten men.

THE COMMON OR WILD RABBIT.Warrens, or inclosures, are frequently made in favourable localities, and some of them are so large as to comprise 2,000 acres.

The author apologizes for the length of this book, by observing, that it necessarily comprises a great number of particulars, which could not easily be contracted: the same plea may be made for the imperfection of our extract, which will naturally fall below the force of the book, because we can only select parts of that evidence, which owes its strength to its concatenation, and which will be weakened, whenever it is disjoined.

An independent Polish State should be founded, comprising all territories inhabited by peoples of undoubtedly Polish nationality, with a free and secure access to the sea and its political and economic independence and territorial integrity guaranteed by international agreements.

The Bounty trilogy, comprising Mutiny on the bounty, Men against the sea and Pitcairn's Island.

The contrast of this sum with the £2,000 given by Mr. Murray for Mrs. Rundell's 'Cookery' comprises a history in itself.

It comprised standard works of Ancient and Modern History, of the Drama, Poetry, and Polite Literature.] CONCLUDING REMARKS.

Another is the organic and functional integrity of the nerve filaments comprising the check and drive systems.

Authorized King James version comprising the Old and New Testaments with the words of Jesus printed in red and all proper names self-pronounced; large-type edition.

It is not clear whether it will pay to use that farm land for a building scheme; and, within the domain of agriculture, which of course comprises an immense variety of really different industries, it is often a very moot point indeed whether a certain field should be left under grass, or brought under the plow.

This volume comprises the second portion of a series of travels, of which the "Journey to Central Africa," already published, is the first part.

His works in prose comprise such subjects as literary criticism, education, theology, and social ethics.

The extant works of this great writer are the "Life of Agricola," his father-in-law; his "Annales," which begin with the death of Augustus, 14 A.D., and close with the death of Nero, 68 A.D.; the "Historiae," which comprise the period from the second consulate of Galba, 68 A.D., to the death of Domitian; and a treatise on the Germans.

The ground floor of their little house comprised a dining-room and a drawing-room on the right hand of the hall, and a kitchen and a store place on the left.

When our friends visited the colony, it comprised 2900 souls, including the staff by which the institution is worked, and which is necessarily numerous.

For convenience, we have heretofore assumed that ideas and emotions, together with such expression of them as shall be in itself adequate and faithful, comprise the sole elements that have to be reckoned with in the use of words in combination.

The battle line along the Marne was so extended that the four-days' fighting from Sunday, September 6, to Thursday morning, September 10, when the Germans were in full retreat, comprised a series of bloody engagements, each worthy of being called a battle.

As it comprises so much land, they might eventually break through our magical barriers and invisibility spellseven the spell that diverts them off course whenever they try to reach us.

The Early works of Willard Gibbs in applied mechanics, comprising the text of his hitherto unpublished Ph. D. thesis and <pb id='363.png' /> accounts of his mechanical inventions.

Her damage repaired, the Queen Mary was now steaming to the open waters of the North Sea, where she would again take up patrol duty with the other vessels that comprised the British North Sea fleet, under command of Vice-Admiral Beatty, whose flagship, the Lion, had taken up the additional burden of patrolling the Queen Mary's territory while the latter was being overhauled.

This officer's duties comprised the collection and organization of the convoy and the issue of sailing orders and necessary printed instructions to the masters of the vessels, seeing that they were properly equipped for sailing in company, and forwarding information to the Admiralty of the movements of the convoy.

South of the Atlas: or quasi-Saharan region, comprising the various provinces and districts of Sous, Sidi Hisham, Wadnoun, Guezoula, Draha (Drâa), Tafilett, and a large portion of the Sahara, south-east of the Atlas.

General Cass, who had been written to, thus expresses himself on this subject: "Captain Douglass has informed me that you and he meditate a joint work, which shall comprise those objects, literary and scientific, which could not properly find a place in a diurnal narrative.

The portion of the exploring party embarked at Fremantle comprised the following persons: F.T. Gregory, commander; J. Turner, assistant and storekeeper; E. Brockman, W.S. Hall, and J. McCourt, assistants; and A. James, farrier.

He read over, in one winter, twenty vast folios; and the catalogue of books which he had borrowed, comprised forty-one pages in quarto, the writing close, and the titles abridged.

547 collocations for  comprising