89 collocations for condenses

CONDENSED MILK SALAD DRESSING Beat 1 egg until thick and lemon colored, and add 1/2 teaspoon mustard 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper and 1/2 teaspoon paprika, then add 1/3 cup vinegar 1/3 cup condensed milk and

At its side there is a tube I, for the admission of water to condense the steam, and which is governed by a cock, by opening which to any required extent, a jet of cold water may be made to play in the condenser.

Ours be the task to condense into a few pages the story of his life and death.

We stepped out; three of the females, with the baby, stepped in; the remainder went into the next pew; and after condensing our nerve power, we settled down in the corner from which we had been disturbed, quietly lifting one hand over the door and latching it firmly at the same moment, our idea being than an environment of five females, with a baby thrown into the bargain, was quite enough for the remainder of the morning.

The air-bladders of fish are nicely adapted to their intended purpose; for though they render them buoyant near the surface without the labour of using their fins, yet, when they rest at greater depths, they are no inconvenience, as the increased pressure of the water condenses the air which they contain into less space.

One consequence of a state of rapacious infatuation, like that which we have just related, is the intensity of selfishness which smothers all recollection of the past, and all just anticipations of the future, by condensing life, with its motives and enjoyments, into the present moment.

Q.Are all marine engines condensing engines?

When the wise and the worldly have condensed their knowledge and observation into portable shape, why go further and pay more for a medicine of the soul, or, indeed, for the soul's sustenance?

In this place I will only condense the results of my inquiry, in order to form a foundation for the further consideration of the essential questions of the future.

They cannot condense the atmosphere in which they live to the concrete word.

states condensed version of book: All over but the shooting.

"The author of this production has endeavoured to condense all the most important subject-matter of the whole science, and present it in so small a compass that the learner can become familiarly acquainted with it in a short time.

The range of volcanoes shuts out, as I have said, the north-east winds, and condenses their moisture in the little lakes scattered on its slopes.

The object of statistical science is to discover methods of condensing information concerning large groups of allied facts into brief and compendious expressions suitable for discussion.

'He [Gray] approved an observation of Shenstone, that "Pope had the art of condensing a thought.

It is difficult, indeed, to realize that so condensed a piece of sun-fire should ever become dim or die at all.

I may now try to condense into a single view the general survey of the conditions of Europe which I have attempted from the two points of view of strategy and of policy, of force and of right.

Samuel Purchas, who was also a clergyman, continued the work of Hakluyt, using many of the latter's unpublished manuscripts and condensing the records of numerous other voyages.

I mentioned Shenstone's saying of Pope, that he had the art of condensing sense more than any body.

The glass stands on a wooden support, below which is a coil of copper wire, which, however, is not connected with any battery or other apparatus, and merely serves to condense the current.

Here were mounted two of the six machine-guns that comprised Nissr's heavier armament; and here, too, were hung a dozen of the wonderful life-preserverscombination anti-gravity turbines and vacuum-belt, each containing a signal-light, a water-distiller and condensed foodsthat, invented by Brixton Hewes, soon after the close of the war, had done so much to make air-travel safe.

The dilatory caution of Pope enabled him to condense his sentiments, to multiply his images, and to accumulate all that study might produce, or chance might supply.

This will contain Problems worked out in the dark, Logarithms without Tables, Sines and angles do., a paper I am now writing on "Infinities and Infinitesimals," condensed Long Multiplication, and perhaps others. (4) Euclid V. (5) "Plain Facts for Circle-Squarers," which is nearly complete, and gives actual proof of limits 3.14158, 3.14160.

It is very difficult to condense into any manageable space the proofs of a general system of accumulating and aggravating all that was ever, whether truly or falsely, reproached to the Tories, and alleviating towards the Whigs the charges which he cannot venture to deny or even to question.

By this simple means the learned doctor would condense the entire teachings of his book into a single sentence.

89 collocations for  condenses