26 collocations for conditioning

The air conditioned nightmare.

Four days of lonely travel across a continent, hearing the drumming clack of car wheels and rail joint ninety-six hours on end, acutely conscious that every hour of the ninety-six put its due quota of miles between the known and the unknown, may be either an adventure, a bore, or a calamity, depending altogether upon the individual point of view, upon conditioning circumstances and previous experience.

But though a clergyman can condition his congregation it is much more true that the congregation can condition the clergyman.

But though a clergyman can condition his congregation it is much more true that the congregation can condition the clergyman.

One thing, however, we may say with tolerable confidence: whatever may be the germ of a playwhether it be an anecdote, a situation, or what notthe play will be of small account as a work of art unless character, at a very early point, enters into and conditions its development.

He could not see how a Christian could prohibit or condition the education of any individual.

500 B.C., Anno Domini; 500 A.D., 1000 A.D., and 1500 A.D. are all, to the point of very clear approximation, nodal points, where the curve of the preceding five centuries, having achieved its crest, curves downward, and in its fall meets the curve of rising energy that is to condition the ensuing era.

Nov. 5.] condition the legal establishment of their religion.

On the other hand, there is no time for conditioning the fibre because the lubrication and the softening are proceeding simultaneously, although conditioning may proceed while the fibre remains in the cart after it has left the softener.

He returned to the air conditioned hotel and entered the casino.

Might not the scientific view prove that the passions so far from being diseases, conditioned the very life and survival of the race?

MY COMPANION FOUND HIMSELF IN A COACH "There is one event in my life that I cannot account for," said my companion, "and it has conditioned all my living, an event psychologically strange.

The highest achievement of Science is the interpretation of all orders of phenomena as differently conditioned manifestations of this one kind of effect, under differently conditioned modes of this one kind of uniformity.

Though I am the unborn, the changeless Self, I condition my nature and am born by my power.

I suppose his genius was at its best when dealing with the pervasive imponderable ether that extends out from the earth into the vast planetary spaces in whose vibrations are conditioned the phenomena of light.

Absolute freedom from violence is therefore it condition precedent to non-co-operation.

As he grows, the external factors, social experiences, climate, accidents, and disease modify and condition the reactions and complexity of the endocrine system.

The French Government, with ample reason, conditioned the recall of Genet upon the recall of Morris, who was succeeded by James Monroe.

And it will be found that at the root of all our difficulties and all our negligencesso many of them unconsciousand as the cause of our vain expediencies and attempts to justify the corporate spiritual situation, is the absence of vital faith and a whole obedience to which God alone has conditioned results.

None of the Chilkoots appeared to know anything of the pass, and I concluded that they wished to keep its existence and condition a secret.

The youths that Joshua got together as his friends were as well-conditioned a set of lads as you would wish to seesober, industrious, chaste.

It aims merely at instructing system-builders in the elementary laws which condition the stability of such structures and conduce to their conservation.

No matter how she would have conditioned his vegetative system temporarily, his internal secretions, released then from compression, would have asserted themselves and determined his fate differently.

The agreeablebecause of the non-calculable differences in our sensuous inclinations, which are in part conditioned by bodily statespossesses no universality whatever, the good possesses an objective, and the beautiful a subjective universality.

He was in favor of supporting the President to the utmost and of making him as responsible as possible, but since Congress had obviously no right to confer a power not authorized by the Constitution, and since the Constitution had conditioned appointments on the consent of the Senate, it followed that removals must be subject to the same condition.

26 collocations for  conditioning