10 collocations for congeals

Choler adust congeals our blood with fear, Then black bulls toss us, and black devils tear.

what frost congeals my breath, Chilling me with icy fear, As I hear its sad lament: Whence did sound the voice?

"Was it just here?" He looked at Varick with a feeling of anguished exasperation; it was as if the horror and the shock had congealed the man's mental faculties.

Yet does that burst of woe congeal my frame, When the dark streets appeared to heave and gape, While like a sea the storming army came, And Fire from Hell reared his gigantic shape, And Murder, by the ghastly gleam, and Rape Seized their joint prey, the mother and the child!

But from the opposite errour, from torpid despondency, can come no advantage; it is the frost of the soul, which binds up all its powers, and congeals life in perpetual sterility.

Had the whitish light covered the land alone, it might have been attributed to a snowfall, or, perhaps, even to a very severe hoar frost congealing a dense moisture.

"I wish to get off on this side," came the answer, in tones that congealed that official.

I am persuaded these same language-makers have the very quality of cold in their wit, that freezeth all heterogeneal languages together, congealing English tin, Grecian gold, Roman latten all in a lump.

I wonder if just there where I then stood it is as cold as elsewhere,if Ocean's self hath power to congeal the vitality of spirit.

The reception he met was enough to congeal water.

10 collocations for  congeals