58 collocations for conned

He split rails, and conned a few books by the firelight in the evening.

I believe my mistress would con you as much thank to do that business at home as abroad.

When the meadowlark sings on a fence-rail she but cons her lesson from the stars.

When we by the cheerful fireside hearth, Together conned the glowing page, Grave themes, and subjects full of mirth, Did each by turns our minds engage.

But we were somewhat cheered, when, a little farther on, we found him stating, that the writer who enters into these discussions must "con musty folios innumerable"; that "it will not do to denounce in general terms the venerable precedents

They did not let him go until he had carefully conned the features, and was able to tell them, from memory, the colour of the eyes and hair, and the fashion and hues of the dress.

Her mother would exclaim "Bless us!" and spend a day or two in conning the thing, making singular discoveries in it at short intervals.

It is a train of armored cars with rapid-fire guns, conning towers and fighting tops.

Noureddin Ali took it between spidery fingers and examined it like a schoolmaster conning a boy's composition.

A wide field of ice, or, it were better to say, a broad belt of bergs, lay between this stationary cloud and the schooner, though the existence of the vapour early caught Roswell's attention; and during the hour he was aloft, conning the craft through a very intricate and ticklish channel, not a minute passed that the young man did not turn a look towards that veiled spot.

"when I shall con ... Ed.]

said this Innocent; 'Now, certès, I will use my diligence To con it all ere Christmas-tide be spent; Although I for my Primer shall be shent, 90 And shall be beaten three times in an hour, Our Lady I will praise with all my power.' XIV "His Schoolfellow, whom he had so besought, As they went homeward taught him privily

My son was passing beautiful, beyond His peers; and thine own heart, that saw and conned His face, became a spirit enchanting thee.

I told 'er, likewise, as you had told me on the quiet,or as you might say,con-fi-dential, that you bought that furnitur' to set up 'ouse-keeping on account o' you being on the p'int o' marrying a fine young lady up to Lonnon," "What!"

With a countenance whose inscrutability alone was a threat, Victor took out and conned the telegraph form.

Our passports duly conned over, the functionary, with a sour glance at our valanced faces, inquired if we had letters for any one in the island.

she asked, startled, clutching the baby tighter to her, and conning over with quick alarm the tow-heads that bobbed and surged about her waist.

Plutarch saith as much of Homer, for which cause belike Niceratus, in Xenophon, was made by his parents to con Homer's Iliads and Odysseys without book, ut in virum bonum evaderet, as well to make him a good and honest man, as to avoid idleness.

" Richard made no comment whatever, but, like Andy, he conned the letter over and over until he knew it by heart, especially the part referring to himself.

He might have conned whole libraries on the philosophy of the passions, he might have coldly observed facts for years, and never have conceived of jealousy like Othello's,the remorse of Macbeth, or love like that of Juliet....

She would con the lie of the land before laying siegethe strength of the castle before summoning the defence.

The Graces three, the Muses nine salute, Should those who love them try to con thy lore.

One evening, while Kumodini Babu was conning the Mahábhárata (an ancient epic) in his parlour, the Sub-Inspector came in, armed with a search warrant issued by the Deputy Magistrate of Ghoria, which he showed the astonished master of the house.

To do what he had in mind, he must obtain aid from white sources, and now, as he traveled southward, he began conning in his mind the white men and white women he knew in Hooker's Bend.

If he was caught with lime and lamp-black in hand, conning over a half-finished county-map on the barn-door, he was always "planning what to do, if he were blind", or "studying how to get to Mr. Francis's house."

58 collocations for  conned