152 collocations for consoling

While he was engaged in this employment, he married Eve Clotterboke, a young lady of a good family, and uncommon genius and beauty, by whom he had ten children, of which eight died young; and only two sons, Francis and Caspar, lived to console their mother for their father's death.

Thus to me wast thou bequeathed, To console a heart bereaved.

" "That's why you've come to console the afflicted?" "Yes, dutyyou know how disagreeable that is.

Mr. Rawdon Crawley had stolen off, however, to look after his son and heir; and came back to the company when he found that honest Dolly was consoling the child.

He shall hang!" said Mr. Price, by way of consoling his friend for his ducking.

Do you remember that Bodhisattva, the Master of Pity, who swore not to become Buddha, never to find freedom in Nirvana, until he had cured all pain, redeemed all crimes, consoled all sorrows?" Perrotin smiled and patted Clerambault's hand affectionately as he looked at his troubled face.

Mademoiselle Dobieski has been trying to console your poor Irish girl.

What was the use of wasting her time in trying to console a woman who so neglected her home, and the privileges of home-making that came with it?

" Anningait having with these sentiments consoled his grief, and animated his industry, found that they had now coasted the headland, and saw the whales spouting at a distance.

The banker consoled his daughter by saying that "Mr. Samuel Verplanck was a man so universally known and honored, both for his integrity and scholarly attainments, that in the end all would be well.

I mind that Ringan consoled the lady in the French tongue, which I did not comprehend, and would not be hindered from getting out his saddle-bags and comforting the children with candied plums.

Dr. [Mr.] Johnson did all he could to console his wife, but told Mrs. Williams: "Her son is uniformly undutiful; so I conclude, like many other sober men, he might once in his life be drunk, and in that fit nature got the better of his pride.

Not a single trophy consoled Europe for the additional loss of two hundred thousand men.

It was now Gotzkowsky who had to console Bertram, and, smiling quietly and gently, he told him of the hopes which still remained to him.

Can anything console the sufferer?

But he had been accustomed to see those close distinctions drawn between individuals and colours; and, the other proprieties admitted, would not have hesitated about consoling the widow with the offer of his own hand.

And the illustrious Hara, cheerfully clasping Arjuna with his arms, once more consoling Arjuna said as follows.

As thou wert erewhile wont my sight to bless, So to console my mind thou now dost fly; Hope therefore stills the pangs of memory, Which coupled with desire my soul distress.

" "That's no way to console a fellow, you fool," said JEFFRY.

At Newcastle he had consoled the hours of his captivity with dreams of the mighty efforts for his deliverance, which would be made by Ormond, and Glamorgan, and the council at Kilkenny.

She satisfied there that hunger for consoling illusions which suffering humanity must satisfy in order to live.

Her hymns, which are very numerous, no less than seventy being in common use, have been the means not only of arresting the undecided and helping the saint, but of consoling the suffering and the doubting.

Rustem was now as usual applied to for the purpose of consoling the king, and extricating the empire from its present misfortunes.

Certainly it will be delightful to soothe and to console this poor little thing....

In charity, comfort for the afflicted, help,not in money, for of that there was little to spare,but in food; in watching with the sick and consoling the bereaved in her own loving, sympathetic mother's way, she abounded.

152 collocations for  consoling