512 collocations for  contributed

512 collocations for contributed

These, then, would help to account for the quantity of water in the Pit; and, if the fall of rock and earth had blocked the outlet of the stream at the bottom, there was little doubt but that it was contributing a very large share.

Griffin has contributed tens of millions of dollars to political candidates and causes.

This support is of extraordinary importance, and has contributed not a little to the war-party gaining the upper hand.

War is carried on by a partnership between the Government and soldiers, to which the Government contributes money and directing skill, and assumes the responsibility of management, and the soldiers contribute their vital force.

The Admiralty do not encourage officers to write, but in Durnford's case it was recognized that of naval topics he possessed a knowledge that was of use, and, therefore, he was allowed to write books and to contribute critical articles to the service magazines.

Sir, you may have to contribute your quota to our enlightenment.

Dr. Bradbury’s analysis posited that Georgia’s film industry contributes approximately $3 billion to Georgia’s $588 billion GDP, or approximately 0.5% or 1/200th of the state’s economy, a rather small part of our economy.

Of the members composing that Commission but one is now surviving, Dr. Calvin B. Knerr, who contributed an interesting report on the slate-writing medium, Mrs. Patterson.

And so farmer after farmer breaks up the old homestead and contributes his mite to the drift cityward.

Pray accept this for a letter, and believe me, with sincere regards, yours, C.L. Wainewright, the notorious poisoner, who, under the name of "Janus Weathercock," contributed various frothy papers on art and literature to the "London Magazine.

Her allies sank to be dependent and unwilling vassals, forced to contribute large sums to the treasury of their overlord.

So apt is irony to be misunderstood and to fail of its mark, that for a time Swift was considered merely brutal; but soon he convinced the Irish that he was their friend, willing to contribute both time and money to aid them.

Of whatever things of highest value and preciousness the kings in the six countries on the east of the Ts'ung range of mountains are possessed, they contribute the greater portion to this monastery, using but a small portion of them themselves.

That's the way a Turk likes his womensame impulse exactly," "I've known a few Caucasians too ...," Mrs. Marshall-Smith contributed a barbed point of malice to the talk.

According to police, alcohol and speed are believed to be contributing factors of the crash.

Unfortunately, the new settlers were unable to contribute any thing to these stores; for all their own provisions were already consumed on the voyage.

Renewables contributed 19 percent to our energy consumption and 22 percent to our electricity generation in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

It began to be apparent that the same spirit was invading the forest that had possession of the camp; two, or at most three, did the work, and the rest shirked, got snow-blindness and rheumatism, and let the others do his share, counting securely, nevertheless, on his fifth of the proceeds, just as he counted (no matter what proportion he had contributed) on his full share of the common stock of food.

The banks and bridge teemed with swarming life, and all Kashmir seemed to have contributed its noisiest members to the revel.

But all those whom he had enfeoffed, or made proprietors, upon his four hundred and forty-two manors, were each bound to contribute a proportionate number.

The capitalists of Vicksburg contributed the funds for lobbying the bill and commencing the road.

Mr. Justin McCarthy, who many years ago recorded his impressions of my mother in his Reminiscences, has now most kindly contributed to this book a chapter of Recollections.

In addition to the amount raised from sittings and dues, it is necessary for the payment of the debt on the Temple to have givers for 5 years as follows: 100 persons who will contribute 50 cents per week.

It makes one speculate as to whether wives in the warring nations will step back without a murmur into the old-time dependence on one man, or whether these simple women may contribute valuable ideas towards the working out of sound schemes of motherhood pensions.

It was true that the Spragues had contributed many thousand dollars toward the equipment of the Caribees, had endowed twenty beds in one of the city hospitals for the woundedbut this was when Jack expected high command in the regiment.

James Truslow Adams, contributing editor.

This change has certainly contributed a great deal to bring about the tendency, which is observable in good society now-a-days, to prefer personal courage to the possession of any other quality.

The town contributed the lot, and supported the new work generously in more than one way.

Einat Kedem, a 51-year-old digital project manager from Raanana in central Israel, said the least she could do was contribute her cooking skills.


It was not long after he had begun to contribute his Elia essays to the 'London Magazine.'

Began contributing poems to Indiana papers 1873; known as the "Hoosier Poet," and much of his verse in the middle Western and Hoosier dialect.

Looking askance, with a certain oblique and upward glance, constitutes the art and power of the poet; for so a gentle invitation is offered the imagination to contribute its aid.

On February 26, this body issued a decree proclaiming the abolition of slavery throughout the island, and calling upon those who thus received their freedom to "contribute their efforts to the independence of Cuba."

More information about this important initiative and how to contribute content can be found online at VirginiaHistory.

He had promised to contribute a hundred pounds to their equipment.

Leigh Hunt knew of Field's return, for he had contributed to the New Monthly earlier in the year a rhymed letter to him in which he welcomed him home again.

Coleridge contributed some four hundred lines to the second book of Southey's epic.

Both federal and provincial government contributed major funding and a private fund-raising campaign raised the balance.

Here we see the combination of the man of science and the man of business, each contributing needed talents for the establishment of a great invention on a working basis.

In addition to visions which thus come unsought, contributing knowledge of things remote or even future, we may glance at visions which are provoked by various methods.

Patrick Henry, arguing the power of Congress under the United States constitution to abolish slavery in the States, said, in the same convention, "Another thing will contribute to bring this event (the abolition of slavery) about.

With these few hundred dollars, and contributing every penny of his own income, in October of 1845, he left Constantinople without companion or servant, went by steamer to Samsoun, and then as fast as post-horses could climb or gallop over mountains and plains, he reached Mosul in twelve days.

Henry Okafor topped the batting scores with his 18 runs off 27 while Chinweze Chidubem contributed the second-highest total for the Enugu team with his 12 off 11 (not out).

I hope to contribute my experience as an Early Childhood Educator.

Its teams contribute their expertise to the development of new products or to the evolution of existing products.

Evening Telegram, New York:"In clear, concise, entertaining, narrative style, Albert G. Spalding has contributed in many respects the most interesting work pertaining to base ball, the national game, which has been written.

On the marriage of the Prince of Wales, two years after, he contributed some verses to the Congratulatory Poems from that University.

The result is an aggregate of parts, differing in many local respects, but acknowledging the authority of the power center and contributing material goods and manpower to its support and defense.

When quite young Mr. Ewing wrote poetry which was published in the local journals of Cecil and Lancaster counties, and subsequently contributed poetry to the Philadelphia Dollar Newspaper, being a contemporary contributor to that journal with his brother, William P. Ewing, and the late David Scott (of James.)