1573 collocations for covered

But the patient observer must perceive that general rules will cover all these cases.

" "Well, Mr. BEN BUTLER," said Mr. P., "all that is easily understood, now that I know who you are; but tell me this, why are you so careful to cover your face when in the company of civilians or ladies, and yet go about so freely among these ex-Confederate officers?"

after they have read from cover to cover the most remarkable volume that has been issued from the press this year.

All about it are fir, and tamarack, and spruce, the lichens hanging like long grey hair away down from their stinted branches, while all around low bushes grow, and moss, sometimes a foot thick, covers the ground.

They became so worn and ill that they could only cover a few miles a day, and Franklin fainted from exhaustion.

Donnegan saw two highlightsfine silver hair that covered the head of the invalid and a pair of white hands fallen idly upon the surface of the big book, for if the silver hair suggested age the smoothly finished hands suggested perennial youth.

This book contains not only all the latest amendments to the Bankrupt Act, with copious notes covering the latest English and American decisions, but it also has a prefatory chapter of "Hints to Persons contemplating Bankruptcy."

Table of cases, digest of decisions covering volumes 126-140 Atlantic reporter.

"My God!" cried Slade, and covered his eyes for a moment.

The left wing of the enemy, which was commanded by Phaeton himself, consisted of the Hippomyrmices; these are large birds, and resemble our ants, except with regard to size, the largest of them covering two acres; these fight with their horns and were in number about fifty thousand.

SIR: I herewith transmit, to be laid before the House of Representatives, the letter of the Secretary of the Interior, dated the 12th instant, covering the report, maps, etc., of the geological survey of Oregon and Washington Territories, which has been made by John Evans, esq., United States geologist, under appropriations made by Congress for that purpose.

In an instant, it had covered half the distance that lay between.

Conference leaders' material covering principles and fundamentals of human relations.

It covers an area of some 50,000 square miles.

I saw that she was nude, except for a thin and delicate drapery of purple, which, albeit in some parts it covered the milk-white body, yet no more concealed it from my ravished eyes than does the transparent glass conceal the portrait beneath it.

" Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch:"Never before has been put in print so much of authentic record of this distinctly national game, and it will be long, if ever, until so thoroughly interesting and useful a volume is published to cover the same field.

"We'll cover your retreat.

A night's march covered the intervening space and the spot was reached in the gray of dawn.

The winter was very stormy, and the drifts would have frequently covered the walls and even the guns if they had not promptly been dug out.

Hence it was, that vegetation, gigantic almost beyond conception, covered its surface.

Descriptive-word index and table of cases affirmed, reversed or modified, covering Current digest (American digest system) Vol.

The notes only cover a short period, but they show how the play may arise quite incidentally.

Then I remembered that the thick dust, which covered the floor, would have been sufficient to soften my fall; so that it was quite possible, I had slept upon the dust for a million years or more.

" While the three battleships went back over their courses in more stately fashion, the launches darted here and there, until it seemed as though they must cover every foot within a square mile.

These are enumerated as:A. Proofs that the sea formerly covered the whole earth.

1573 collocations for  covered