32 collocations for cowed

It so cowed the northern Indians that for two or three years they made no further organized effort to check the white advance.

I tended de sheep an' cows an' such lak.

For death cowed his thoughts.

She never gave a thought to personal danger, and though a fragile creature, not five feet high, she was capable of cowing the most brutal of the barbarians who were gathered around us at Khalepa, and, whether to keep the consulate for me while I was away, or to navigate the yacht to meet me on my return from my visits to Greece, nothing made her hesitate to do what she thought her duty.

She held him with her eyes as an animal-trainer is supposed to cow his snarling, yellow-fanged captives, and in a moment Arnold, with a pettish gesture, blew out the match and shut the cigarette case with a snap.

It masters time, it conquers space, It cowes that boastful trickster Chance, And bids the tyrant Circumstance Uncrown and fill a servant's place.

" "Oh, I don't mean school larnin'," said Mike; "I mean 'bout cows an' chickens.

On our road home to Hogg's we paid a visit to a wild-cat's lair in the Eagle's Cragg, and of all the incarnate devils, for fighting I ever saw, they "cow the cuddy," as the Scotch say; perfect fiends on earth.

The boldness of the consul's measures cowed the disaffected, and confirmed the timid and wavering.

"In the room he found" "In the room he found" broke in Albert, impertinently, but with a quiet tone of authority which cowed good Elysee, "a shabby man, looking like a poorly-fed waiter.

"It is a lie," Miss Draper began, fiercely, but Lillian held up her hand in a gesture that appeared to cow the girl.

The milch cows graze where the brown bear roamed And a saw mill sings its lay On a bar in the Yukon River Where we panned one summer day.

Yuh know dey had uh pen kinder like de pond pen fer cows an hosses.

you’ve seen some bulls at home, But the bulls of Australia cows Paddy Malone.

At their return, these men were accompanied by more than twenty natives, who brought hens, gourds, and cows milk for sale, and who said, if the general would send some of his men on shore, he might have abundance of dried cinnamon, hogs, and poultry: But he dreaded treachery, and would not allow any of his people to go on shore.

His father had cowed the stubborn nobles with the headsman's axe.

All we had to do was to sweep de yard an go after de cows an' de pigs an de sheep.

The Romans dreaded a second siege and sack; not without reason, although the real intention of the expedition was to cow the fiery Pope into submission.

We had the miscellaneous pack with us, all much enjoying themselves; but, although they could help in a jaguar-hunt to the extent of giving tongue and following the chase for half a mile, cowing the quarry by their clamor, they were not sufficiently stanch to be of use if there was any difficulty in the hunt.

She had cowed this ruffian at their first meeting by an assumption of calm courage and superiority in a crisis when most women, thus confronted at dead of night by a housebreaker, would have shrunk trembling and helpless before him.

"As a child I uster have to tote water to de old people on de farm and tend de cows an' feed de sheep.

He cowed the soldiers in the field, and he outwitted the statesmen in the council chamber.

"To ... aim at so cowing the Boer national spirit, as to gain a permanent political ascendancy for ourselves, was an object beyond our power to achieve.

As a child they had admired her assertiveness, had made Apex ring with their boasts of it; but it had long since cowed Mrs. Spragg, and it was beginning to frighten her husband.

"Who are you, that thus presumes to intrude among gentlemen, without invitation?" demanded Colonel Morton, ferociously essaying to cow down the stranger with his eye.

32 collocations for  cowed