128 collocations for crawling

The hideous shallows, black, glistening, are now a belt of safety, not only for himself and the sleeper, but a refuge for all manner of whirring birds and crawling things, intimidated and harmless in the stifling breath of the fire.

Will you do this?" "Oh, yes, sah; 'deed, 'deed I will, sah!" Jack crawled up the bank, keeping in the shadow of the uneven ground, until he reached a point whence he could make out the blockhouse.

I should never have seen it, only I was watching a spider crawling up the wall, and it ran into the hole close to the end of the paper.

On we pressed, crawling our little way across the Vast, upon whose hoar silence, from Eternity until then, Bootes only, and that Great Bear, had watched.

So the imprisoned one crawled out, only too glad to once more plant his feet on solid ground.

Creeping and crawling creatures too, that we could crush with the heel, are but the last and puny descendants of mighty and terrible monsters that once rolled and crashed through the fetid forests of the carboniferous era.

I was ready to crawl a mile and drag him along if I had to.

I rode on for a few miles further, and then hiding my horse in a low ravine, I crawled up a high hill, where I obtained a good view of the country.

Why, if a feller so much as doubts one of yore reg'lar fish stories you gotta crawl his hump.

"And so with crawling step she came And kneeled at Arthur's feet; Quoth Kay, 'She is the foulest dame That e'er my sight did greet.'

She thought at moments, as she crawled up the path upon her hands and knees,for she could no longer walk,that she was dreaming some pleasant dream; that the door would open, and her mother come out to meet her.

They was always in a Stew, and is the most Shellfishest of people as crawls the earth!"

The father had two bullets through his chest and one through the right side of his neck, and had crawled a distance of over a verst to give information.

I smelt the stench of blood, for I had been in the muck and misery of war before and had seen the death carts coming back from the battlefield and the convoys of wounded crawling down the rutty roadsfrom Adrianoplewith men, who had been strong and fine, now shattered, twisted and made hideous by pain.

The old man crawled down-stairs, and Hester was invited into the dining-room.

Some one was crawling up the rocks.

I crawled up the ladder, still holding the crucifix, for it was the only thing in the form of a weapon I possessed, and the manner in which I gripped it improvised it into a hilted dagger, although I remember keeping it more for evidence against Meeker than for any other purpose.

"Phil, we shall have to be quick this morning, or we shall have to come crawling home round the shore instead of rowing straight across the bay," Katherine said, as she piled bundles of pelts into the boat, and tied over them a canvas sheet, for security from any chance wave.

He tried again, crawled forward his own length, and brought up snug and safe in the angle where roof met wall.

Reaching out further, he broke the crust obliquely just above, and having packed the snow as well as he could immediately about, and moving lengthwise with an infinite caution, he crawled up the few inches to the narrow ledge, balancing his stiff body with a nicety possible only to acrobat or sleep-walker.

And he quite understood that he had been forced to give a good deal for nothing ever since the American commissioners had authorized their famishing army to commandeer his supplies and pay him with their worthless 'Continentals.' From St Johns the worn-out Americans crawled homewards in stray, exhausted parties, dropping fast by the way as they went.

So she waded out as far as she could, and caught hold of the bush and pulled it in, and the poor Mongoose crawled up her arm on to her shoulder, and she carried him to shore.

There was nothing for it, however, but to crawl backward half a dozen yards, and then make another détour, and while this was being done Sergeant Corney had only a single question to ask, which was as to whether I had seen white men or Indians.

He sees the little shell-like swelling at the foot of the glacier crawling down the steep slope above, and knows that it means an almost inaccessible wall of ice; and the steep snowfields that rise towards the summit are suggestive of something very different from the picture which might have existed in the mind of a German student, who once asked me whether it was possible to make the ascent on a mule.

" For a few moments Mukoki and Rod could hear him as he crawled up the fissure.

128 collocations for  crawling