2530 collocations for cryed

" "Tell Mr. Welsby!" cried half a dozen voices in withering tones; "of course not!"

'Hospital!' cried the sick man, and then he too burst out into that furious laugh, the most awful sound I ever had heard.

" "La, uncle!" cried the girl, "who is to distinguish friend from foe in a mellay?

"Was!" cried the captain sharply.

how did you get away?""What have they been doing?""How did you escape?" "Oh, such a lark!" cried the boy.

"Och, hone!" cries the woman, in anguish; "and f'hat's the poor to do then, honey?" "Gowest; go'nfarm!"

Mrs. Bowyer may look down upon a city person,I don't mind that; but she is a mother, and surely she would feel for a mother," cried the poor lady vehemently, putting up her hands to her wet eyes.

"Don't cry children," said Mary.

"What is it?" cried Connie's mother; "is it a warning!

"A truly British sentiment!" cried his father.

"Then live, Macduff!" cried the king; "what need I fear of thee?

" "Crying your eyes out won't help matters much," replied the unsympathetic Kemp.

" "My goodness me sakes alive, and some peanut candy!" cried Daddy Blake with a laugh.

This, Sir,cry mercy, my Lord,'tis Don Carlos, Sir, the Governor.

"He says they are not dead men, but new muskets" "Here, clear out!" cries an officer, and the loiterers fall back and by and by straggle off.

" "The enemies of our country are the only men whom I hate," cried Gotzkowsky quickly.

"A concert, by the Genii of the waters!" cried the Doctor.

" "Listen to the bright child!" cried Laura mockingly.

How's that engine?" "Fixed!" cried Frank at that moment, straightening up.

The same clergyman officiated now who had married Mr. and Mrs. Parlin fifteen years before; and after he had married them over again, he made a speech which caused Dotty to cry a little under her handkerchief; or, if not the speech, it was the panacea that brought the tearsshe did not know which.

The kick sent the Dwarf clean across the platform, and the people, not understanding the situation, began to cry 'Shame.'

I tried a short road in the mist, and here I am." "Nay, but what seek ye?" cried Muckle John.

There's more'n two hundred hands a-workin' there, a'ready." "Goodness me!" cried Patsy; "this thing must have livened up sleepy old Millville considerably.

" "Doctor," cried Mary, "how can you speak so to me?

" "Who said we were quarreling?" cried Billie, adding with a chuckle: "We're just having what Miss Beggs" (Miss Beggs being their English teacher) "would call an 'amiable discussion.'

2530 collocations for  cryed
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