545 collocations for cursing

She flung the dust upon her head, She wrung her lily hands and shed Hot tears, and cursed the bitter day That bore her heart's delight away.

He cursed the man Charles Stuart, and every councillor by name; he cursed the Persecutors, from his Highness of York down to one Welch of Borrowstoneness, who had been the means of his first imprisonment; he cursed the indulged and tolerated ministers; and he cursed every man of the hill-folk whose name he could remember.

Oh, thou art wretched then indeed; no wonder if he hate thee Does he not curse thee?

They are floundering about looking for quarters," he added, in immeasurable relief, as the voices of the riders sounded through the darkness, cursing luck, the road, and everything else.

Then he would fall to cursing God and man.

To-day millions who simply watch an automatic infallible machine, which requires neither strength nor skill, do not sing at their work but too many curse the fate, which has chained them, like Ixion, to a soulless machine.

" Before three of Nicholas's five sleeps were accomplished, the Boy began to curse the hour he had laid eyes on Father Wills.

It seemed to me I should never reach the house, and I cursed the folly which had taken me so far away, but at last I ran up the steps and into the hall.

that cursed woman!

CHORUS Let the Priests of the Raven of dawn no longer, in deadly black, with hoarse note curse the sons of joy!

Monsieur Pelletan and his assistants were busy attending to the wants of their distinguished guest; down in the kitchen, the chef was cursing the stupidity of the unfortunate menials under him and striving madly to prove himself worthy the occasionthe greatest of his life!

He spurred his barb and rode away, Scattering the dust behind, And cursed the star that made his heart Inconstant as the wind.

" GAZUL CALUMNIATED Gazul, despairing, issues From high Villalba's gate, Cursing the evil fortune That left him desolate.

Whatever pride was in him went first to his teeth, next to his enormous stature; he denied that his father had been so big a man; he flew into a towering rage at the suggestion; he cursed his father's memory as a fabric of lies.

21, "And the Lord said, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake.

He cursed the earth because the trespass was of the fruit of the earth and not of the water.

'Curse that dog!'

For once, when his army and Silo's were near each other, both generals and men conversed, cursing the war, and with mutual embraces adjuring each other to desist from it.

His master informed him he had a bet on him, and the other party commanded him to "curse Jesus?" on pain of being flogged until he did.

In short, Staff, you are getting on my nerves, and although I know it's like my cheek to mention the matter, and that you'll probably curse my impudence, I really should be grateful if you'd tell me what ails you, still more grateful of you'd let me help you to get rid of it.

She threads a bewildering alley, with ashes and dust thrown out, And fighting and cursing children, who mock as she moves about.

Every day that the fair sun rises, you'll get nothing from me but slaps and curses all your life; maybe some time when I'm angry, I'll kill you like a dog.

Up and down the dreary camp, In great boots of Spanish leather, Striding with a measured tramp, These Hidalgos, dull and damp, Cursed the Frenchmen, cursed the weather.

but as good a face as thine, I should have made her have cursed the time that ever she see it.

" And in one of her last letters, addressed to an American friend who had reminded her of her prophecy and of its present fulfilment, she replied,"Never say that I have 'cursed' your country.

545 collocations for  cursing