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8 collocations for « cuttings »

8 collocations for « cuttings »

  • I should, under this Head of the Language, consider Milton's Numbers, in which he has made use of several Elisions, which are not customary among other English Poets, as may be particularly observed in his cutting off the Letter Y, when it precedes a Vowel.
  • You know that the estate is encumbered, that the entail was cut off so that you might inherit; but advantage has been taken of the cutting off the entail to raise fresh loans since the steward was dismissed and I have been ignorant of your father's business matters.
  • 460 Flaminius, whom a consulship had graced, (Then Censor) from the Senate I displaced; When he in Gaul, a Consul, made a feast, A beauteous courtesan did him request To see the cutting off a pris'ner's head; This crime I could not leave unpunished, Since by a private villany he stain'd That public honour which at Rome he gain'd.
  • The following morning the cow was killed, but fortunately in the cutting up the knife did not touch Tom Thumb, who was put aside with the meat that was to be made into sausages.
  • After a long and unsuccessful siege a certain priest, named Anastasius, by means of an arrow shot from the town, informed the Prince that the fate of the besieged depended upon his cutting off the aqueducts, which supplied them with water.
  • If in the cutting off the pound of flesh you shed one drop of Christian blood, your land and goods are by the law to be confiscated to the state of Venice."
  • The simple fact was the cutting off the rear of Charlemagne's army by the revolted Gascons, as he returned from a successful expedition into Spain.
  • Onely the cutting off a paire of lives.

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