157 collocations for damning

He knew he couldn't sue out a mandatory injunction yet, knew it damn well, but he didn't think I knew it, damn his ornery soul.

" "You damned fool!" "Pardon, monsieur?" A look of fury convulsed Liane's face.

'Damn your eyes!'

Some of them perceiving his Grace to head a party, who were very active in damning the play, by hissing and laughing immoderately at the strange conduct thereof, there were persons laid wait for him as he came out; but there being a great tumult and uproar in the house and the passages near it, he escaped; but he was threatened hard.

And each, believing he was utterly and finally right, damned with equally positive conviction the rest of the world.

"The devil damn the fellow!" said he, "he crosses me like my evil genius.

I'm only going to do you a service" "Damn your impudence!

When my sonnet was rejected, I exclaimed, "Damn the age; I will write for Antiquity!" Erratum in sonnet.

Why that damned Englishman."

" Our author, by experience, finds it true, 'Tis much more hard to please himself than you; And out of no feign'd modesty, this day Damns his laborious trifle of a play; Not that it's worse than what before he writ, But he has now another taste of wit;

Sir Walter Raleigh, that damned upstart.

You damned villains!"

The individual rabble (I recognised more than one of their ugly faces) had damned a slight piece of mine but a few nights before, and I was determined the culprits should not a second time put me out of countenance.

As for the coffee wits, he says not much; Their proper business is to damn the Dutch: 20 For the great dons of wit Phoebus gives them full privilege alone, To damn all others, and cry up their own.

The close-cropped hair alone would be damning evidence.

And yet no British statute damns the deed, Nor do the more than murderous villains bleed.

"Get out of the way, you damned Yankee," shrieked the crackers, "or we'll riddle you with bullets."

The uniform in itself was to his mind damning proof of the young man's occupation.

Almost immediately he added, "Damn the money!"

Les damnes de la terre, 1906-1910; le pain quotidien.

"Then thou hast avouched a liea lie that will damn thee," said Lady Exeter.

Brodie at moments when he desired to be utterly inoffensive could not purge his utterance of oaths; he was one of those men who could not remark that it was a fine morning without first damning the thing, qualifying it with an epithet of vileness, and turning it out of his big, loose mouth sullied with syllables which do not get themselves into print.

"I wouldn't give two pesos for this buckskin, but we're going to add horse-stealing to our other crimes; and while it's all right to damn the Committee, it's just as well to do it at a distance, just now, old man.

" "'Damn the convulsions of war, sir!' says I. "'Quite right,' says he, mildly; 'war is always damnable, Sir Lupus.' "'General Schuyler,' says I, 'there is no nonsense about me.

"The cows" "Damn the cows!

157 collocations for  damning
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