147 collocations for darting

" He saw Henshaw flush and dart a glance of hate at him.

As he chatted with the daughter of the house, he cast a quick, covert glance at me, and then darted a meaning look at hera look of renewed confidence, as though he felt that he had successfully averted any suspicions I might have held.

But, thou canst not fly! "That remains for thee; to know Things above, as things below, How the planets roll; How the sun his light displays, How the moon darts forth her rays; How the nights succeed the days; What the secret cause betrays, And who directs the whole!

Mr. Langton told me, that one night he did so while the company were all grave about him:only Garrick, in his significant smart manner, darting his eyes around, exclaimed, 'Very jocose, to be sure!'

Thunderbolts descended on many spots, and most significantly upon the altar of Jupiter Victor; flashes darted hither and thither; notes of trumpets, clashing of arms, and cries of camps were heard by night from the gardens of Caesar and of Antony, located close together beside the Tiber.

My pen amongst the rest I took, Lest those bright eyes that cannot read Should dart their kindling fires, and look The power they have to be obeyed. Nor quality nor reputation Forbid me yet my flame to tell; Dear five years old befriends my passion, And I may write till she can spell.

There suddenly in my pathway was the venomous reptile, darting out its tongue; oh, I snakes!

Yet farre more faire be those bright Cherubins, Which all with golden wings are overdight, And those eternall burning Seraphins, Which from their faces dart out fierie light; 95 Yet fairer then they both, and much more bright, Be th'Angels and Archangels, which attend On Gods owne person, without rest or end.

The hoop burst into a wreath of light, darting flames.

Then making a frightful face at Lenore, most expressive of ridicule and revenge, she darted up-stairs.

The rising sun, darting an inquisitive beam 'twixt a leafy opening, fell upon Beltane's wide, slow-heaving breast; crept upwards to his chin, his cheek, and finally strove to peep beneath his slumberous, close-shut lids; whereat Beltane stirred, yawned, threw wide and stretched his mighty arms, and thereafter, blinking drowsily, sat up, his golden hair be-tousled, and stared sleepily about him.

I darted up the steps.

The fight was carried on also at the baggage till late in the night, for they had set waggons in the way as a rampart, and from the higher ground kept throwing weapons upon our men, as they came on, and some from between the waggons and the wheels kept darting their lances and javelins from beneath, and wounding our men.

We cannot compress our sentiments; and Diana, Mr. Verty, the god of love, throws his darts when we are not lookingah!" Which last word of Miss Sallianna's speech represents a sigh she uttered, as, after the manner of Diana, she darted a fatal arrow from her eyes, at Verty.

The handle turned, and, with a sudden release of faculties, darting this way and that, as if at bay, she tore the white-enameled medicine-chest from its moorings, and, with a yell sprung somewhere from the primordial depths of her, stood with it swung to hurl.

It is the gilt letters of a signboard, on the opposite side of the way, that are darting forth brilliant flashes, borrowed from the distant flames.

" Johnson is Jupiter Tonans: he darts his lightning and rolls his thunder, in the cause of virtue and piety.

Far down in the clear depths, Angela caught glimpses of darting fish, swift as silver arrows shot from an unseen bow.

Wide o'er the mad'ning throng URTICA flings Her barbed shafts, and darts her poison'd stings.

A minute later seven or eight more soldiers crossed the road ahead of us and darted up an alley with the air and haste of men desirous of being speedily out of sight.

In a flash she had crossed the wide hallwhich was as it happened empty, although she would not have slackened her pace for all the assembled companyand was darting arrow-like up the stairs, her torn scarf flying behind her like a banner.

He darted down the line of horses until he came to one which was already mounted.

With which she darted her head quickly from side to side, looking about the room, and, spying a scrap of paper on a table, had the eyestone twisted in it in an instant, and pressed it into Elinor's hand.

"Who dared do this?" he cried, as he reached up to tear the bandage from the face bending over him, and then darted round to begin sawing at the thong which held his father's hands.

Which when Scylla saw, from out her black den, she darted out her six long necks, and swoopt up as many of his friends: whose cries Ulysses heard, and saw them too late, with their heels turned up, and their hands thrown to him for succour, who had been their help in all extremities, but could not deliver them now; and he heard them shriek out, as she tore them, and to the last they continued to throw their hands out to him for sweet life.

147 collocations for  darting