146 collocations for deck

In spite of all these Roman basilisks, That seek to quell us with their currish looks, We will to Pontus: we'll have gold, my hearts; Those oriental pearls shall deck our brows.

THE MOORISH INFANTA AND ALFONZO RAMOS Beneath the shade of an olive-tree Stood the infanta fair; A golden comb was in her hands, And well she decked her hair.

with your spirits fled, No future laurels deck a noble head; No muse will cheer, with renovating smile

For this she gave her ample fortuneto build its bowers, to adorn its chapels with rare and quaint carvings, and to deck the relic shrine with ivory and costly gems.

Go, earn Rome's chain to load thy neck, Her gems to deck thy hilt; And blazon honor's hapless wreck With all the gauds of guilt.

Through the still air descend the genials showers, And pearly rain-drops deck the laughing flowers.

Our halting-place, Sydy Mehammed, decks this peaceful earth.

Therespect for the dead among the early Greeks was very great, and Miss Lambert quotes the complaint of Petala to Simmalion, in the Epistles of Alciphron, to show how special was the dedication of flowers to the dead:"I have a lover who is a mourner, not a lover; he sends me garlands and roses as if to deck a premature grave, and he says he weeps through the live-long night.

And he was entitled to triumph over them, for they were the only white roses there, and had been secured by himself, like the wandering urchin he was with a spice of knight-errantry in his composition, quite ready to jump over walls and cajole damsels in order to deck a bride with snowy blooms.

Conquest, Avarice, and Pride, To sweep where Pleasure decks her guilty bowers And dark Oppression builds her thick-ribbed towers!

" At this season, too, box-boughs were gathered to deck the large open fire-places then in fashion, and the guelder rose was dedicated to the festival.

And comest thou now Forth, and hast decked thy bosom and thy brow, And breathest with thy lord the same blue air, Thou evil heart?

Dress all your Looks, and be as gay As Virgins in the Month of May; Deck up that Face where Sorrow grows, And let your Smiles adorn your brows; Recal your wonted Sweetness home, And let your Eyes all Love become: For what the Gods have willed and said, Thou hast

The night being come the damsel entered in the bridal chamber to deck the bed against her lord.

"We'll gather from the rosy bow'r "The fairest wreaths that bloom: "We'll cull, my love, each op'ning flower, "To deck his hallow'd tomb.

Then homeward all take off their several way; The youngling cottagers retire to rest; The parent-pair their secret homage pay, And proffer up to Heaven the warm request And He who stills the raven's clamorous nest, And decks the lily fair in flowery pride, Would, in the way His wisdom sees the best, For them and for their little ones provide, But chiefly in their hearts with grace divine preside.

The airs and streams renew their joyous tone; The ants, the bees, the swallows, re-appear; Fresh leaves and flowers deck the dead Seasons' bier; 5 The amorous birds now pair in every brake, And build their mossy homes in field and brere; And the green lizard and the golden snake, Like unimprisoned flames, out of their trance awake.

Superb scarlet banana-flowers decked our Christmas-Tree.

and I," he asked brightly, "to the Island of Sant' Elenà, which thou lovest, and we ourselves bring flowers to deck our chapel?

And on the two anniversaries which have since passed, summer has again decked the battle-field.

No more would blooming girls with pitchers laden Repair to the clear lake while curling smoke Rose from their cottage roofs; no more at morn Would Rama be the first at school to see His Seeta deck her father's house with flowers; No more at eve the village master pour From Hindu lore the mighty deeds of gods To the delighted ears of simple men; For these have left their lands and their dear homes.

Now, to remove the least remaining doubt, That even the blear-eyed sects may find her out, Behold what heavenly rays adorn her brows, What from his wardrobe her beloved allows To deck the wedding-day of his unspotted spouse.

The repast was humble; but Helen and her female friends arranged it with taste, and the children gathered the bright wild flowers that so early enliven the groves and meadows when an American winter has passed away, to deck the tables, and form garlands along the walls.

For the cast crust of some new-cover'd fish; Or such as empty lie, and deck the shore, Whose first and rightful owners are no more.

2 No more shall flowers the meads adorn, Nor sweetness deck the rosy thorn, Nor swelling buds proclaim the spring, Nor parching heats the dog-star bring, Nor laughing lilies paint the grove, When blue-eyed Ann I cease to love.

146 collocations for  deck
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