1257 collocations for  declare

1257 collocations for declare

There she read the headlines: Russia declares war!

She declared her firm intention of remaining here until she died.

Cumberland and Westmoreland have already declared a state of war.

The state governor declared a financial emergency in March 2013, appointing an emergency manager.

The work of doing it gave solace to her heart, and when the words were set in placeit seemed to her that she had declared her independence, and besides, they reminded her of something very sweet and reassuringsomething which helped her to hold her head up against the current of ill thoughts her neighbors were directing toward her.

Mr. EARLE spoke next to this effect:Sir, notwithstanding the dangers which have been represented as likely to arise from any errour in the prosecution of this great affair, I cannot but declare my opinion, that no delay ought to be admitted, and that not even the specious pretence of more exact inquiries, and minute considerations, ought to retard our proceedings for a day.

It must, then, be evident to him, that, upon his death, at Ninety, the Company would have received, in all, sufficient funds from him to pay the full amount of his Policy to the lady whom he had always introduced as his wife, and still retain enough to declare a handsome Dividend for itself.

His delight was to visit the sick, and to declare the love of Christ whenever he had the opportunity.

When, inspired by the promise of West Point, he had mastered the repugnant rubrics of the village academy, the statesman of his district conferred the promised nomination upon his school rival, Wesley Boone, Jack passionately refused to pursue the arid paths of learning, and declared his purpose of becoming a pirate, a scout, or some other equally fascinating child of nature delightful to the boyish mind.

When the Thebans had defeated the Lacedaemonians in war, as it was nearly universal custom among the Greeks, when they were waging war against one another, for those who were victorious to erect some trophy on their borders, for the sake only of declaring their victory at present, not that it might remain for ever as a memorial of the war, they erected a brazen trophy.

An embassy was sent to Pope Nicholas V, begging immediate aid, and declaring the Emperor's readiness to complete the union of the churches in any way the Pope should direct.

I will declare the truth before kings!

Some people, including lawyers representing the mining company, think that the owners of the mine will declare bankruptcy after the miners are rescued.

Her lovely face, her gentle disposition and her graceful manners won my admiration and love; and I was not slow in declaring my sentiments to her.

And that's what you are now," declared the man wrathfully.

To build anew the churches, and to declare the law of God, which had fallen into disuse amongst the people because of Hengist and his heathendom, St. Germanus came to Britain, sent by St. Romanus, the Apostle of Rome.

Till the middle of the month they met every day; and when the husband took her back to Ravenna she despatched to her idol a series of impassioned letters, declaring her resolution to mould her life in accordance with his wishes.

To give a bud to a lady is to confess the beginning of love, a half open one tells of its growth, and a full-blown one is to declare one's passion.

We passed the time as best we might, many of us finding it quite as difficult as did Jacob to restrain our impatience, and not a few openly declaring their belief that Brant was holding us idle simply that he might the better carry out some murderous scheme.

The Missourians, mostly, were pro-slavery men, and held enthusiastic meetings at which they expressed their desire that Kansas should be a slave state and did not hesitate to declare their determination to make it so.

This statute declared five things to be treasonable, only the third and fourth of which are held by our constitution to be so.

Fullerton, who was a much bigger dog, and was four times declared the winner of the Cup, was 56 lbs.

But if you know them, my dear old chap, I really don't envy you your friends," declared the Major with a laugh.

They did not declare him an enemy in so many words, because they feared its effect on his adherents, since it would be necessary that they also be held in the position of enemies in case they should not abandon him; but by action they showed their attitude as plainly as possible.

With the exception of Uncle Timothy, they were all there, even Max, who had declared his only interest in the place was to sell it.

Fraser Health has declared another outbreak at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The nearest approach to the point of declaring the power of a State over slavery, is made by Judge Nelson.

On observing their ages and dignified appearance, for they were by far the first men of the State, all promptly declared their conviction that now they were sincere in their desire to effect a peace.

They declared the day on which the latter had been born accursed and forbade the employment of the surname Marcus by any one of his kin.

"The result of the deportations," the American Consul at Aleppo declares in an official report, "is that, as 90 per cent.

The Autonomists declared their support of the existing Government, and rebuked the insurgents in a manifesto issued on April 4, 1895, six weeks after the outbreak.

And if the judges of the Supreme Court should dare, as they had done, to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional, or to send a mandamus to the Secretary of State, as they had done, it was the undoubted right of the: House of Representatives to impeach them, and of the Senate to remove them, for giving such opinions, however honest or sincere they may have been in entertaining them.

Why was the amendment, expressly declaring the right of the people, voted down?

[Footnote 219: "In Englischer Gefangenschaft" ("In English Captivity"), by Heinrich Norden, late missionary in Duala, Cameroons.] "In declaring my willingness to relate our experiences during the defence and surrender of Duala and my experiences in English captivity, my motive was not to add fuel to the fires of hate against England.

" "I hardly think it would take as long as that," declared Roy, as five eager heads were bent over the atlas.

The latter had continued to declare his innocence, but had remarked, it appears, with grim humour, that he quite saw he was in a tight place, out of which, however, he would find it easy to extricate himself.

"Not II wouldn't steal anything, not even a sneak into the show," declared Andy.

No one called attention to the stars, they spoke themselves to a child of four or five and declared "the glory of God."

The Court physicians, bewildered by so sudden and severe an illness, declared the case to be a hopeless one; while Henry himself, believing that his end was approaching, caused a letter to be written to Sully to desire his immediate attendance.

"They shall have Christian burial," declared the kind-hearted captain.

He must not know that I have returned to London," declared my friend quickly.

" As Lippo and Mäzli felt that the time for the general game had come, they came up to their mother to declare their wish.

"How can they fly without gas?" "Well, they're coming, all the same," declared Jack.

"You couldn't, and be truthful, sir," declared the girl.

How could you not have declared a potential conflict of interest when your boyfriend’s business dealings touch on government business?

Between the grand princes of Moscow and those of Lithuania stood Novgorod and Pskof, the two chief Russian republics, hesitating to declare their allegiance.

Let me run the menagerie to-morrow, and I will have Mr. Lion, the walking delegate, declare this strike off."

Did they actually declare the actual assets that they had?

I hope every gentleman in this house will agree with me that we ought to declare our approbation of these measures, in such terms as may show the world, that those who shall dare to obstruct them, must resolve to incur the resentment of this nation, and expose themselves to all the opposition which the senate of Britain can send forth against them.

"You gotta back me up alla same," declared the stranger.