555 collocations for defeat

We should have been shuttle-cocked from maiden to mother and from mother to maiden after a fashion calculated to defeat the wise purposes of ipecac and paregoric, and to frighten our natural curls into a state of painful perpendicularity.

The country seen to the northwards was of too flat and sandy a character to give any hope of finding water or grassand without these requisites, it would be incurring great risk of losing the horses, and of course defeating the object of the expedition; therefore, taking advantage of the partially cleared tracts of yesterday, we reached the watering place at 4.30 p.m. 28th September.

In vain they struggled and blindly sought an exit; every door was closed; until, finally, after a campaign of fifteen days, the narrowing battalions of Paz surrounded, engaged, and utterly defeated at Oncativo the bewildered army on whose success Quiroga had staked his all.

And it was quite certain that calling a 'General Assembly' at once would defeat the very ends which such bodies are designed to serve.

The Desert Corps had orders on November 7 to push through as rapidly as possible to the line wadi Jemmameh-Huj, and from that day the Corps commenced its long march to Jaffa, a march which, though strongly opposed by considerable bodies of troops, was more often interfered with by lack of water than by difficulty in defeating the enemy.

On July 12th he defeated a large force of mutineers and Mahrattas at Fathipur.

He shot Captain Boone in the house you visited, and defeated a well-arranged plan to capture the rebel chief, Davis.

Do you know, Tom, my great hope is that the French will send a scouting party of their Indian allies to ambush us, and that in defeating them, our commander may learn something of the tactics which he must follow to defeat the French.

Nor are we, sir, to satisfy ourselves with barely defeating the designs of the Spaniards; our honour demands that we should force them to peace upon advantageous terms; that we should not repulse, but attack them; not only preserve our own trade and possessions, but endanger theirs.

It is scarcely necessary to say that, when such an opinion gets to be effective, it must entirely defeat the real intentions of a popular government.

I hope we shall unite in defeating any attempts that may impair the rights which every Briton boasts as his birthright, and reject a law which will be equally dreaded and detested with the inquisition of Spain.

Hungarian armies were raised, and, defeating the Austrians in pitched battles, drove them from the land.

Gen. Sir E.H. Allenby, British commander in Palestine and Syria, who defeated the Turks and captured Jerusalem, the Holy City, in December, 1917.]

Lysander, the Spartan admiral, defeats the Athenian fleet at Notium; in consequence of this defeat, Alcibiades, who had been received with great honor, is banished, and ten generals are nominated to succeed him.

It has been, indeed, alleged with some degree of candour, that many of our treaties were provisions against invasions which perhaps were never intended, and calculated to defeat measures which only our own cowardice disposed us to fear.

After the battle of Corunna,when the British brought to bay, turned and defeated their foes,it was Colin's regiment that had the honour of digging the grave in which their heroic commander Sir John Moore was buried.

Alfred, the English King, defeats the Danes at the battle of Ethandun; by treaty he gives them equal rights, and they acknowledge his supremacy.

"I have thought of these things, in my time, but age will now defeat any such hopes.

"To use money to defeat justice would be a crime as despicable as stealing pearls," she said.

Then he turned on them, completely defeated the Sardinian King at Custozza and the next year at Novara, and therby restored Austrian supremacy in Northern Italy.

how persevering in his villainy!" "He does exceed my ideas of effrontery," said the earl, in great warmth- -"but he may offend too far; the laws shall interpose their power to defeat his schemes, should he ever repeat them.

The minister, my lords, has defeated his opponents in almost all their attempts; his friends have sounded victory every session, and yet the people declare against him; his adversaries have retired into the country with all the vexation of disappointment, and have been rewarded for their unsuccessful efforts with general acclamations.

They met and defeated the Indians under Tecumseh and a small British force near the scene of Van Horne's disaster, and were about to press forward to meet the supply party and escort them to camp, when the commander-in-chief recalled them.

The Holy City was not bombarded by the British, but was evacuated by the Turks and surrendered by the leading inhabitants when Gen. Allenby's forces, after defeating the Turkish troops repeatedly in the field, reached Gazara, three miles from Jerusalem.

But Norton's turn to defeat his rival had come.

555 collocations for  defeat