80 collocations for deluding

" It was exciting, nevertheless, when the water in mid-channel came up nearly to the body of the wagon, and the swift ripples deluded the eye into almost conviction that horses, vehicle, and all were not gaining an inch in forward progress, but drifting surely down.

He who promises to endeavour, what he knows his endeavours unable to effect, means only to delude his followers by an empty clamour of ineffectual zeal.

Should the influence of these men increase, should they grow secure in the possession of their power, by any new methods of deluding the people, what wonderful expedients, what unheard-of methods of government may not be expected from them?

No, Malateste; Italian fires of Iealousie burn my marrow: For to delude my hopes the leacherous King Cuts out this robe of cunning marriage To cover his Incontinence, which flames Hot (as my fury) in his black desires.

Alas I found it love, Yet far from lust, for could I have but liv'd In presence of you, I had had my end, For this I did delude my noble Father With a feign'd Pilgrimage, and drest my self In habit of a boy, and, for I knew

Wherefore they threatened that neither cage nor irons should serve their turn, but that they should die for the abuse they had done, and for deluding the men of the fair.

Such were the objects of superstitious reverence derived from the Pantheons of Greece and Rome, the whole synod of which was supposed to consist of demons, who were still actively bestirring themselves to delude mankind.

You may delude the world, but I know you.

Some ascribe all vices to a false and corrupt imagination, anger, revenge, lust, ambition, covetousness, which prefers falsehood before that which is right and good, deluding the soul with false shows and suppositions.

The luxuriance of this jungle, be it remembered, must not delude a stranger, as it has too many ere now, into fancying that the land would be profitable under cultivation.

As we were saddling up to leave, Miller said to Jack, "Now if you're any good, you'll delude some girl to keep house for you 'twixt now and fall.

No, no, they're Opticks to delude mens eyes with.

La. Without witchcraft, sir, I have a stratageme to delude my husband And all his jealous waking eyes, a plott That cannot faile if you dare but expect me.

Hence those superstitious notions now existing in our western villages, where the spriggian are still believed to delude benighted travellers, to discover hidden treasures, to influence the weather, and to raise the winds.

Give me Leave Onely to smile, then say all theis are falce, Your witnesses subornd, your testemonies And wrytings forgd, and this elaborate forme Of Justice to delude the world a cover For future practises: this I affirme Upon my soule.

No, Malateste; Italian fires of Iealousie burn my marrow: For to delude my hopes the leacherous King Cuts out this robe of cunning marriage To cover his Incontinence, which flames Hot (as my fury) in his black desires.

As soon as we thought we had deluded our dogs into the belief that they had slept all night, we roused them up and started down the valley toward a tributary of the Penzhina River, known as the Uskanova (Oo-skan'-o-vah).

Thou art my shame; lie still, there's none about you, Within your cries; all promises of safety Are but deluding dreams: thus, thus, thou foul man, Thus I begin my vengeance.

But that it should be only conceived and conceited as an elevation of nature to a more clear light, in the matter of morality, wherein our Lord is only respected as an heavenly teacher and perfect pattern proposed for imitation, is but a proud, pleasing fancy of self-conceited, darkened, and deluded dreamers, robbing God of the glory of his mercy and goodness; our Lord Jesus Christ of the glory of his grace and merit.

Should even the Tartars retire towards their own country, our army ought by no means to retreat or separate; as they often practise this stratagem to delude their enemies and induce them to divide, and then return suddenly to destroy the country at their pleasure.

they comedelighted to delude The expectation of our baffled Pride; No law can call their free steps to our side.

Isa's good sense penetrated entirely through the subject, she saw all the difficulties, she had not imagination or sentiment enough to delude her practical faculty with false lights.

But the only meaning of the lectures is to point out more forcibly than ever that besides the obvious riddles of man's life there is one stranger and more appalling stillthat a religion which M. Renan can never speak of without admiration and enthusiasm is based on a self-contradiction and deluding falsehood, more dreadful in its moral inconsistencies than the grave.

But man of courage as he was, and accustomed to the indifference of nature, he had not tried to delude his family as to the future, but had rather sought to strengthen their souls to meet the danger that hung over their heads.

So, when you look after this "American servant," you find alien blood, lip-service, a surface-warmth that flatters, but does not delude,a fidelity that fails you in sickness, or increased toil, or the prospect of higher wages; and you say to the "American servant," "How long have you been in Boston?" "Born in Boston, Ma'm,in Eliot Street, Ma'm.

80 collocations for  deluding