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From the church one is led to the Chapter House, in which there stands an altar and Crucifix, and there upon the walls are depicted scenes from the martyrdom of the London Carthusians in the time of Henry VIII.

The object has been to give a complete history of the period and to depict home life, manners and customs of the time in the form of a pleasing story.

It was his habit to "snooze" in an easy chair on his porch every afternoon, and Hetty depicted the little man with both feetmeat and woodon the rail, his mouth open and eyes shut, while lusty snores were indicated by radiating lines and exclamation points.

Arnulf deprived the rich churches of great part of their treasures, and was consequently abhorred by the clergy, the chroniclers of those times, who, chiefly on that account, depicted his character in such unfavorable colors.

R557265. Untitled drawing depicting fancy chair with tubular legs.

In this class of historians he stands out alone and peerless, the most exciting and the most interesting of all the historians who have depicted the manners, the events, and the characters of a former age,never by any accident dull, but fatiguing, if at all, only by his wealth of illustration and the over-brilliancy of his coloring.

No words can tell of the ear-stunning roar of the guns, or depict the horror of the tons of steel daily crashing and splintering amid massed bodies of men, while the softly-falling snows of late winter covered, but could not conceal, the ensanguined landscape.

Besides insisting upon the necessity for psychological analysis of a sort, the author here for the first time becomes a genuine novelist in the sense that her confessed purpose is to depict the actual conditions of life, not to glorify or idealize them.

But the genius that depicted a moving and tragic story upon the red background of the Terror was Dickens's own, and the "Tale of Two Cities" was final proof that its author could handle a great theme in a manner that was worthy of its greatness.

R627931. Untitled drawing depicting Turks on fancy oil rug.

This was the Depot Glen, and an extract from Sturt's journal depicts the situation of the party:

Lorna Doone is the most famous of his heroines, but in "Cradock Nowell," a fine tale of the New Forest, in "Alice Lorraine," a story of the South Downs, and in "The Maid of Sker," he has depicted womanly types equal in charm to Lorna.

Two untitled drawings: one depicting small painter and tall model; and one depicting dog under chair.

It depicts our hero to the life, with all his inconsistencies.

The genius of Tasso was capable of understanding and worthy to depict the emotions of a Christian army at sight of the Jerusalem they had come to deliver.

We must put out of our minds, I fear, at once, many of the loveliest of them all: those in which Raffaelle and others have depicted the child John, in his camel's hair raiment, with a child's cross in his hand, worshipping the infant Christ.

The Queen's reception-room is prettily hung in crimson with designs depicting art and music; the furniture bright and handsome in crimson and cream.

In her books she depicts every phase of religious belief and life, and with sympathy and appreciation.

But when, on the other hand, we narrate an event or depict an appearance, our subject matter is specific.

It will still be my endeavor to depict all the customs, feasts and ceremonies of the Sioux, before it be too late.

At the Council of Clermont, in 1094, Pope Urban II depicted the miseries of Christians in Palestine, and, with a power of eloquence unsurpassed in his day, called upon those who heard him to wipe off from the face of the earth the impurities which caused them, and to lift their oppressed fellow-Christians from the depths into which they had been trampled.

After depicting the house, they turned their attention to the country.

Somebody, however, told the priest of the district that quicksilver was a poison; and, as he himself told me, so forcibly did he depict the dangerous nature of the new discovery to his parishioners that they abandoned the attempt to collect it.

The fascination with which Scott always depicts the virtues of hospitality and trust in humanity makes a strong impression on the imagination.

I do not imagine, I depict real objects.

226 collocations for  depict