191 collocations for deplore

At the opening of the present year our nation deplored the loss of a prince endeared to the people by his honest worthbut a short interval has elapsed and again the country is plunged in sorrow for the loss of one of its most zealous supportersone of its chiefest ornamentsone of its staunchest friendsand one of its most eloquent and talented statesmen!

He seemed in his way to deplore the young man's death, but not in pity, as she soon learned.

XI RETROSPECT DO you never, while occupying a dental chair and deploring the necessity that drives you to that uncomfortable seat, admire the skill of the dentist in the use of his instruments?

Men envied him his scatheless skin, But he deplored the fact, And day by day, from sheer chagrin, He did some dangerous act; He slew innumerable Huns, He captured towns, he captured guns; His friends went home with Blighty ones, But he remained intact.

Few, very few, perhaps none but him who lives upon its labor, regardless of its misery; and even many whose local situations are within its jurisdiction, acknowledge its injustice, and deprecate its continuance; while millions of freemen deplore its existence, and look forward with strong hope to its final termination.

THE FISHERMAN At a few leagues' distance from Arbogad's castle he came to the banks of a small river, still deploring his fate, and considering himself as the most wretched of mankind.

She would deplore slavery as much as I did, and often told me she was much of an abolitionist as I was.

A Eunuch Complains of His Fate An Officer Deplores the Misery of the Time On the Alienation of a Friend BOOK VI.THE DECADE OF PIH SHAN.

He defined old age to be a natural consumption which dries us up and wastes us away; on this principle he deplored the ignorance of those who call wine "old men's milk."

It must have been grateful and comforting to be told when in exile: "I must tell you, too, that the Duke of Buckingham has been more than once your high priest in performing the office of your praises: and upon the whole I believe there are few men who do not deplore your departure, as women that sincerely do.

We discussed the meaning of childish play, and deplored the lack of good and worthy national nursery plays.

By character he was too loftily absorbed in loyalty and reverence for the law of obedience as a root-principle of his life, to deplore any want of appreciation of his worth on the part of the Government which he had so loyally served.

He deplored the already developing policy of robber exploitation by which our soil and forests have been despoiled, for he foresaw the bitter fruits which such a policy must produce, and indeed was already producing on the fields of Virginia.

Many who knew the primitive aspect of the tiny port before the paved front and its shelters came to keep company with the hideous row of lodging houses that stand parallel with the Bride, will deplore the change, or hope for the time when that change will be complete and nothing is left to remind them of the lost picturesqueness of Bridport Quay.

In some respects he reminds me of Oliver Cromwell; since both equally deplored the evils of the day, and both invoked the aid of God Almighty.

~A Wife Deplores the Absence of Her Husband~ Away the startled pheasant flies, With lazy movement of his wings.

" She gave a little sigh, as if deploring the misfortune that hitherto her own small means had fallen short of the happy point at which one may begin doing good.

The buskin'd Muse shall next my pen descry: The boxes from their inmost rows shall sigh; The pit shall weep, the galleries deplore Such moving woes as ne'er were heard before: EnoughI'll leave them in their soft hysterics, Mount, in a brighter blaze, and dazzle with Homerics.

Education and Christian privileges were his care, and he deplored the backward state of the land.

I caused the image of the Christ which she always wore to be carefully copied in marble and placed before the chapel, and I spent several weeks there, deploring my sins and seeking for light from above.

A beloved friend in South Carolina, the wife of a slaveholder, with whom I often mingled my tears, when helpless and hopeless we deplored together the horrors of slavery, related to me some years since the following circumstance.

Hitherto I have come here to deplore the past; hitherto I have come here to dwell upon the form that, in spite of all that has happened, I still was, perhaps, weak enough, to love.

The longer I live the more I condemn and deplore a rackety life for any girl, and therefore if I do what I myself think right by her and not what others may think right, she shall never be a London butterfly.

I feel it today, that God is in the sunshine more than in the narrow limits we have tried to set upon Him.' "'We sometimes deplore the tendency of our young people to go to the city,' he continued, 'but I don't know as I blame them.

But, though I less deplored thee, ne'er forgot.

191 collocations for  deplore