19 collocations for deployed

The hills of Vita are confronted by the heights of the Pianto dei Romani, where the enemy deployed his columns.

When the column had come abreast of the enemy the latter opened fire from his artillery on its right flank, and soon afterward deployed his force, making a horseshoe in front of the American column, and opening with two pieces of artillery on its front while two nine-pounders continued their fire on the right.

When deployed us skirmishers, the men march at ease, pieces at the trail unless otherwise ordered.

It still seems possible to recognize the deep valley of the ambuscade and the plain where Camilla deployed her cavalry.

"Our time is short, very short indeed, if we have to manufacture, launch, and deploy the probes in time to locate and then destroy the asteroid.

Varus resolved on pressing forward; but a heavy discharge of missiles from the woods on either flank taught him how serious was the peril, and he saw his best men falling round him without the opportunity of retaliation; for his light-armed auxiliaries, who were principally of Germanic race, now rapidly deserted, and it was impossible to deploy the legionaries on such broken ground for a charge against the enemy.

Reese was sent with a hundred and fifty men to left flank the grove, deploying his men as far back as the second bottom, and close his line as the drive moved forward.

To prevent this venture going into the red, I managed the show mostly with one staff-member, and by deploying my Merces flat as the office.

If after deploying a favorable opportunity arises to hold it for some time in close formation, it should be reassembled.

Accordingly, the advance-guard, under Captain Hoyt, moved forward, deploying its advance party as skirmishers and its supports into a line of squads.

The Caesarians were on their guard against this, and by deploying their ranks always managed to face those assailing them, and when they came into close quarters with them readily laid hold of both men and horses in the contest; light-armed infantry had, in fact, been drawn up with their cavalry for this very purpose.

When he fights he has learnt that his fighting men shall march in rhythm and deploy rhythmically, and they do so to regimental music.

If marching, the corporal of the base squad deploys it and moves straight to the front; if at a halt, he deploys his squad without advancing.

To deploy platoon or squad columns: 1. Asskirmishers, 2. MARCH.

We return to our carriage, drive into a sheltered spot, and give the word of command to Antonio to open the hamper and deploy his supplies, when hungry soldiers vie with the ravenous traveller in a knife-and-fork skirmish.

Miss Aiken deploys the Carnahans in open order, upon which Harriet entrenches herself with the heroic Scribners and lets fly a Macintosh who was a general in the colonial army.

Reno advanced from the ford across the valley in column of fours for some distance, then formed in line of battle, and afterwards deployed the command as skirmishers.

He deployed his company, and fired two volleys at it."

And we deployed from the boat-house, while the attacking party still clung together,—a strategic error, as Larry assured us.

19 collocations for  deployed