60 collocations for disables

To strike that swinging hand with a snap shot, when a miss meant a bullet fired at his own body at deadly short rangetruly it would take a credulous man to believe that Donnegan had coldly planned to disable his man without killing him.

It operated like a sudden shock, which often disables the impressed person for a time.

He found great fault with the French Admiral who fought the battle of the Nile, and pointed out what he ought to have done, but he found most fault with the Admiral who foughtR. Calderfor not disabling his fleet, and said that if he could have got the Channel clear then, or at any other time, he would have invaded England.

He used to be known as something of an aviator before he met with that accident that disabled his arm, and made it impossible for him to go up again.

Among the Ladies the Case is very common, for there are very few of them who know that it is to maintain a true and high Spirit, to throw away from it all which it self disapproves, and to scorn so pitiful a Shame, as that which disables the Heart from acquiring a Liberality of Affections and Sentiments.

Instances are recounted in which disabled former servicemen were restored to an useful place in society.

This I humbly conceive will disable our Country Wits, who indeed take a great deal of Pains to say any thing in Rhyme, tho they say it very ill.

Now, these laws disable the persons on whom they bear, from fulfilling God's commandments, and, especially, His commandment to "search the Scriptures."

1. The Infantry soldier relies mainly on fire action to disable the enemy, but he should know that personal combat is often necessary to obtain success.

Here follow two other illustrations of the brutal indifference of 'public opinion' to the torments of the slave, while it is full of zeal to compensate the master, if any one disables his slave so as to lessen his market value.

Wouldn't it be more likely that such desperate men as these must be, would try some sort of game looking to disable our craft, and sending us tumbling down to our death?

We have had many thousands of them in camp, and out of the whole number, I do not recollect of a case where it either destroyed or disabled a single animal.

Governor Tiffin and the legislature, with a promptitude, an energy, and patriotic zeal which entitle them to a distinguished place in the affection of their sister States, effected the seizure of all the boats, provisions, and other preparations within their reach, and thus gave a first blow, materially disabling the enterprise in its outset.

Peacethe peace arising from disabling exhaustion on the part of the combatants, reigned for a short while, and the belligerents rested for a few hours to invigorate themselves for a renewal of the fight.

"I have got a cold that disables my eyes and disorders me every other way.

"You've disabled this poor fellow of yours, and made himon that pointa lunatic for life; and now you want to disable me.

It was still possible that he might be able to repulse the assault upon his right, and, by disabling the Federal force there, open his line of retreat.

The same year, we are told, "the young earl of Desmond was set at liberty by the MacCarthys; he disabled Garrett, son of the earl of Kildare.

On the 8th of November, Chauncey appeared in those waters with a fleet of seven armed war-schooners and, after a short cruise, disabled the Royal George and blockaded the British harbor of Kingston.

The "Alarm" planted a shell from her bow-rifle, at close range, squarely into the stern of the "Zaragoza," piercing the armor and killing a dozen men, besides disabling two guns.

For this reason the loss of the thumb disables the hand far more than the loss of either of the fingers.

"Between two and three years ago, the writer was struck down by paralysis, disabling entirely the limbs of the left side.

Well, what was the nature of that employment?" "To disable one of them flying machines.

They endeavored to insure a failure by stealing the horses and mules, and disabling the machinery which Chaplain Eaton was using.

Perceiving how useless it would be to pursue so light a form, amid the mazes of lumber that loaded the wharf, and most of the adjacent shore, he opened the letter and read as follows: "An accident has disabled the Master of the outward-bound ship called the 'Royal Caroline!'

60 collocations for  disables