139 collocations for disappoints

The Alliance disappointed the expectations of Bismarck's successors.

Especially the most pressing among all their wishesthe relief of Potidaeawas in no way advanced; for the Athenians had not found it necessary to relax the blockade of that city, The result of the first year's operations had thus been to disappoint the hopes of the Corinthians and the other ardent instigators of war, while it justified the anticipations both of Pericles and of Archidamus.

'DEAR SIR, 'I was very sorry not to see you when you were so kind as to call on me; but to disappoint friends, and if they are not very good natured, to disoblige them, is one of the evils of sickness.

You may read in a newspaper of a brilliant speech made before the Chamber of Commerce by a leading business man, which will serve as an illustration to support your affirmative position; or you may attend a banquet where a prominent business man disappoints his audience with a wretched speech.

Here are officers enough at Meryton to disappoint all the young ladies in the country.

The interior of the building does not disappoint the promise of the outside.

They put ideas and plans into her head which they expected to grate upon their father's taste or indolence, and then contrived to have them represented or misrepresented to him, though he disappointed their malice by regarding such things as childish ebullitions natural to a girl of her age, and was far more inclined to humor than to reprove her.

Why then, answered he, I will be there to wait on your ladyship, though I disappoint a fine woman, who has made me an assignation.

With such powerful influence and such skill had the usurers made arrangements, so as to disappoint not only the people, but even the dictator himself.

The truth is, that this work, not being forced upon our attention by much publick applause or censure, was sometimes neglected, and sometimes forgotten; nor would it, perhaps, have been now resumed, but that we might avoid to disappoint our readers by an abrupt desertion of any subject.

He would have instantly gratified the feelings of his cruel and revengeful heart, and have shed the innocent blood of Rodolph's son to atone for the death of his friend, but that he feared to disappoint his Chief, who so earnestly desired to imbrue his own hands in the blood of the slayer.

He added, with that deadly smile of his that never reached his eyes: "I never disappoint the public when it's possible to satisfy them.

" When the accursed Demon heard the name Of Sám Súwár, he, like a serpent, writhed In agony of spirit; terrified At that announcementthen, recovering strength, He forward sprang, and hurled the mill-stone huge Against his adversary, who fell back And disappointed the prodigious blow.

And of course I didn't want to disappoint the old gentleman; he has such a fine opinion of me, you know.

" "With this hope," proceeded Imlac, "he sent me to school; but when I had once found the delight of knowledge, and felt the pleasure of intelligence and the pride of invention, I began, silently, to despise riches, and determined to disappoint the purpose of my father, whose grossness of conception raised my pity.

My Maxim of Saving is not designed for such as these, since nothing is more usual than for Thrift to disappoint the Ends of Ambition; it being almost impossible that the Mind should [be ] intent upon Trifles, while it is at the same time forming some great Design.

But that's one of the greatest objections she has to marrying me, quite apart from disappointing her aunt.

His uncommon sagacity and penetration of character, and his undaunted resolution in times of danger, caused him to be regarded as the very prop and support of the settlement; and his worth was so generally acknowledged, and so highly appreciated, that he continued to be annually elected Governor for twelve succeeding years: and never did he disappoint the confidence thus reposed in him.

He listens, but hears no mention of his book, and therefore supposes that he has disappointed his curiosity by delay; and that as men of learning would naturally begin their conversation with such a wonderful novelty, they had digressed to other subjects before his arrival.

You're a pretty smart young fellow, and you'll disappoint me a good deal if you don't find some way out of this dilemma.

That he was concerting such farther measures as may disappoint all dangerous designs forming to the prejudice of the house of Austria, which might make it necessary for him to enter into still larger expenses for maintaining the Pragmatick sanction.

" "I'm afraid I have disappointed father and given you anxieties you need not have had," Grace replied with some bitterness.

Whether Crabbe deliberately chose the same period for his own visit, or stumbled on it accidentally, and Scott did not care to disappoint his proposed guest, is not made quite clear by Crabbe's biographer.

They predicted a dazzling chess career for Crewe, but he disappointed their aged hearts by retiring suddenly from match chess, and they mourned him as one unworthy of his great chess gifts and the high hopes they had placed in him.

"Becos if Mr. Swann got to 'ear of it he'd guess I'd been blabbing, for one thing," he said, sharply, "and for another, 'e left it to 'im partly to make up for 'is disappointmenthe'd been disappointed 'imself in 'is younger days, so 'e told me.

139 collocations for  disappoints