50 collocations for disbelieves

The duke affected to disbelieve her story; and Angelo said that grief for her brother's death, who had suffered by the due course of the law, had disordered her senses.

"Mr. Dickey's first letter has been scattered all over the country, south and north; and though multitudes have affected to disbelieve its statements, Kentuckians know the truth of them quite too well to call them in question.

When you can truthfully assure me that you disbelieve that charge, then, and not till then, will I forgive you and be your friend.

And now Edith read Aylmer's noteit was so real, so sincere, she began to disbelieve her eyes this morning.

As I have said, I did not doubt the honest belief of the keeper, but I doubted, and, in fact, disbelieved altogether in, the power of any man to identify the face of another when their eyes were close together, as he had no ordinary but a distorted view of the features.

When I reflect what some have accomplished,for we know that many such chances have befallen many persons before,I can not disbelieve the tradition: but when I come to calculate the causes of it, I fall into a great dilemma.

Though the people of the free states affect to disbelieve the cruelties perpetrated upon the slaves, yet slaveholders believe each other guilty of them, and speak of them with the utmost freedom.

Hence, when horrid scenes of cruelty are represented in pictures, we wish to disbelieve their existence, and voluntarily exert ourselves to escape from the deception: whereas the bitter cup of true Tragedy is mingled with some sweet consolatory drops, which endear our tears, and we continue to contemplate the interesting delusion with a delight which it is not easy to explain.

"Because you disbelieve their efficacy!"

Whereupon the Spirit continued, "To disbelieve the love of God is to doubt His goodness.

It only fosters scepticism in the minds of the ignorant, and teaches them to disbelieve their Bibles!" Old Principle looked up with a smile after the doctor's visit.

We might then, if we had carefully examined our premises and our reasoning, and found no flaw, venture to disbelieve the testimony which might be brought to show that matters had turned out differently from what we should have predicted.

Nobody minds if his neighbour disbelieves a demonstrable fact.

'Mr. Clark compares the obstinacy of those who disbelieve the genuineness of Ossian to a blind man, who should dispute the reality of colours, and deny that the British troops are cloathed in red.

[S.] ] Socrates was a freethinker; for he disbelieved the gods of his country, and the common creeds about them, and declared his dislike when he heard men attribute "repentance, anger, and other passions to the gods, and talk of wars and battles in heaven, and of the gods getting women with child," and such like fabulous and blasphemous stones.

and so they have been made perplexed and unhappy, one day fancying themselves worse than they really were, and the next fancying themselves better than they really were; and by both tempers of mind tempted to disbelieve God's Gospel, and throw away the thought of vital religion in disgust.

In making the suggestion, however, that these "Thoughts" would be of special value to those who have fallen into the habit of disbelieving the Gospels, they hardly know why, we know that there is no more probability that they will read a book with this title than there is that young men should read "Letters to Young Men," or young women should read "Letters to Young Women."

Who hath seen Michael Angelo's thingsof us that never pilgrimaged to Romeand yet which of us disbelieves his greatness.

Should I not rather disbelieve my hearing, than disown my moral perceptions?

I find I am prejudiced in his favour, and am disposed to disbelieve any ill about him.

He disbelieves the last information of the priest, which must have been an enigmatical representation of the province of death, or of the tombs.

" The government still endeavored, through its officials and through the public press, to make the Parisians disbelieve this intelligence.

This is that which so often edifies me in Christian writers and speakers, when I ever so much disbelieve the letter of their sentences.

" "Most certainly, you are trying to deceive me, my child," returned the aged nurse, "and you seem not to reflect how serious a matter it is to attempt to lead persons of experience to believe one thing because it is couched in words and to disbelieve the opposite, although it is made plainly evident by deeds.

" "It isn't polite to disbelieve people," he reproved her; "or at the very least, according to the best books on etiquette, you ought not to do it audibly.

50 collocations for  disbelieves