1933 collocations for discovered

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We had discovered the secret of gunpowder, the magnetic attraction, the properties of electricity, long before they were heard of in Europe.

"You have discovered the truth.

If my unexampled adventure had had no other rewardif I had cared nothing for the triumph of discovering a new world with all its wondersEveena, this discovery alone is reward in full for all my studies, toils, and perils.

For instance, if any happened to be affected with a fever, little anxiety was manifested to discover its cause, or to adopt rational measures for its cure; it must no doubt have been occasioned by some evil spirit residing in the body, or influencing, in some mysterious way, the fortunes of the sufferer.

Columbus, the Genoese, had discovered the islands along the coast.

Year after year I walked its shores without discovering any other trace of humanity than the remains of an Indian camp-fire, and the thigh-bones of a deer that had been broken to get at the marrow.

PUNCHINELLO discovers a shrewder reason.

Freylinghuisen says that whoever concocted this particular poison has evidently discovered a new way of doing itor rediscovered an old wayso that it is at least fifty per cent.

One of our horses was killed, and Buckskin Joe was wounded, but I didn't discover the fact until some time afterwards as he had been shot in the breast and showed no signs of having received a scratch of any kind.

And where did the gold come from then, before they discovered America?

If this is fully understood by a teacher and she is content to take nature's way, and abide for nature's time to see results, then her methods will be appropriately applied: she will see that she is not training a race of box-makers, but that she is guiding children to discover things that they need to know in a natural way, and ensuring that as these facts are discovered they shall be used.

My father, who saw what I suffered, spared no pains to discover the place of their retreat; but our endeavours were all ineffectual.

And he may finish the psalm or hymn or prayer which he was reciting when he discovered his mistake, and he may then take up the correct office at the part or hour at which he leaves off, or he may finish the Hour at which he was engaged.

In all the variety of costumes, a carnival, a kaleidoscope of clothes, to his horror he could never discover a man in the street who wore anything like his own dress.

He discovered signs of the loftiest virtues and most heroic enterprise in the Brahmin; and, near the bottom of one of his nails, a deep-rooted sorrow, which would leave him only with his life.

On the second day out we suddenly discovered, on the opposite side of the Saline River, about a mile distant, a large body of Indians, who were charging down upon us.

Theophrastus speaks of a poison prepared from aconite, which could be moderated in such a manner as to have effect in two or three months, or at the end of a year or two years; and he also relates, that Thrasyas had discovered a method of preparing from other plants a poison which, given in small doses, occasioned a certain but easy death, without any pain, and which could be kept back for a long time without causing weakness or corruption.

"I began to discover a beauty in the way of salvation by Christ," she said.

We were absent thirteen months on this voyage, exposing ourselves to awful dangers, and discovering a very large country of Asia and a great many islands, the largest part of them inhabited.

Will he discover the means of supplying the human frame with such recuperative power as will nullify the law that prescribes to all flesh the dilapidation and decay of age, of weakness and of death?

This was owing to fear of losing the reward of thirty crowns yearly for life which had been promised by their Catholic majesties to whoever should first discover land; and to prevent them from calling out "Land, land!"

In looking over the article the next morning some of the typos discovered an error in the first line.

The men from Royal were scattered all along the line, peering through the dim light to discover a vulnerable point of attack but deterred from interfering by the determination of the stalwart defenders.

"In the meantime," said Uncle John, "I'm going to make an effort to discover his identity.

1933 collocations for  discovered