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A little girl in one of the poorest schools brought her baby to show her teacher, and proudly displayed the baby's powers of speech"Say a pint of 'alf-an-'alf for teacher," said the little girl to the baby by way of encouragement to both.

Some are capable, but most are merely insolent and ignorant, and all of them aim rather at displaying their own abilities than strengthening the hands of the general.

The trial afforded its considerable amusement, and gave me a splendid opportunity to display the legal knowledge which I had acquired while acting as justice of the peace at Fort McPherson.

Besides, there is nobody like timid persons for displaying courage under certain circumstances.

It was not long ere Egbert had opportunities of displaying his natural and acquired talents.

The Government, which, by virtue of the new laws, had meanwhile transferred its seat to Budapest, displayed extraordinary energy in the face of the sad difficulties besetting it.

Yet he displayed a certain interest in their needs and affairs.

Thayendanega's so-called braves did not give us very much opportunity to display our skill as marksmen, however.

But as mistress of his establishment she had an opportunity to display her house-wifely qualities, as well as to practise those nameless arts by which almost any clever woman knows how to render herself agreeable.

Here are men playing cards; others are flying kites; many are thronging the tea, coffee, and cold drink stalls; while in the very heart of the crowd wander Jewish, Panjabi and Hindustani dancing-girls, who have driven hither in hired carriages to display their beauty and their jewels.

But others display signs of sex differentiation that are to be traced back to an awakening interstitial gonad action.

Her letters during this period are such as would be written by a loving wife and a tender motherhappy, cheerful messages of personal or domestic interest; yet even in these familiar epistles displaying a character of good sense and deep piety as well as womanly affection.

It is the duty of him who might have been victor to display a magnanimous spirit to those who in that case would have been the vanquished.

Many of her songs and instrumental pieces display fine artistic feeling and musical scholarship of no mean order.

We shall not detain the narrative, to describe the pomp in which a luxurious and affluent aristocracy, that in general held itself aloof from familiar intercourse with those it ruled, displayed its magnificence to the eyes of the multitude, on an occasion of popular rejoicing.

Their women and children began to disappear about noon, and then the Indians tried to draw the scouts out by displaying a white flag for a truce.

Thou who, regardless of fatigue, hast come On foot too, thus to see me" Hearing a sweet voice, he looked up, and beheld a bright face in the balcony, and he said to the beautiful vision: "How often have I hoped that Heaven Would, in some secret place display Thy charms to me, and thou hast given My heart the wish of many a day; For now thy gentle voice I hear,

Every man on the parade-ground understood full well that if he would save his life it stood him in hand to get back to his post of duty without unnecessary delay, and in a very few minutes those whose turn it was to go on duty were setting about the regular routine as laid down since the besiegers displayed unusual activity.

This last editor has enriched his edition of these two dialogues with very valuable and copious philological and critical notes, in which he has displayed no less learning than judgment, no less acuteness than taste.

But years so spent were years of happiness; and, though such may suffice to display the amiable virtues, it is by adversity that the grander qualities of the head and heart are more strikingly drawn forth.

You see, Friend Employer was displaying a cultivated taste in vintage champagnes, but he'd been culpably negligent in not laying down a large stock for private consumption before the Great Drought set in.

"I trust," said Miss Crewys, "that we are not a family prone to display weak emotion even on the most trying occasions.

Compared with this, how poor Religion's pride, In all the pomp of method and of art, When men display to congregations wide Devotion's ev'ry grace except the heart!

But the grandest sight was the cavalry, comprising the flower of the French aristocracy, and displaying finely wrought weapons, mantles of gorgeous brocade, velvet banners embroidered with gold, chains of gold, and other precious ornaments.

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