73 collocations for dissemble

These men, though rivals in the outlay of their private funds, still dissembled the fact and behaved sensibly: others who were holding even some most insignificant office strove to get a triumph voted to themselves, some through Antony and some through Caesar; and on this pretext they levied large sums upon foreign nations for gold crowns.

"Sleep well, Egyptian, and pray to the gods to give you the power of dissembling your feelings.

Theodosius, who had dissembled his anger and waited for opportunity, now advanced to the relief of Valentinian, who had been obliged to fly from Milan,the seat of his power.

When he was come near Taunton, he dissembled all fear, and seemed all the day to use diligence in preparing all things ready to fight.

Eumenes, though he knew all particulars passed, yet dissembling the matter, kindly embraced his brother, and took his wife into his favour again, as if on such matter had been heard of or done.

But shame restrained me, and I dissembled my emotions.

When I sit in the company of ladies at dinner, I dissemble my true nature, as doublet and hose ought to show itself courageous to petticoat.

The guide's visible efforts to dissemble the truth only made things worse.

The principle of absolute power, firmly fixed in the young king's mind, began to pervade his court from the time that he disgraced Fouquet and ceased to dissemble his affection for Mdlle.

The Sultan dissembled his resentment, however, in order to bring all the soldiers he could command to the utter destruction of his rebellious subjects.

I felt that, being successful, he might at least have had the decency to dissemble his satisfaction.

When Lucy decks with Flowers her swelling Breast, And on her Elbow leans, dissembling Rest, Unable to refrain my madding Mind, Nor Sleep nor Pasture worth my Care I find.

But always the King dissembled this hatred for Sir Tristram, so that no one suspected him thereof; least of all did Sir Tristram suspect how changed was the heart of the King toward him.

But this project being defeated by the heroick constancy of the queen of Hungary, whose wisdom and resolution, which will equal her name in future histories with those of the most successful conquerors, rejected their mediation, and refused to own her right doubtful, by submitting it to be tried; they were obliged no longer to dissemble their designs, or make farther pretences to respect or tenderness.

Like all favourites, moreover, he soon made a host of personal adversaries; while, as these were far from suspecting the height to which he was ultimately destined to attain, they took little pains to dissemble their dislike and contempt of the new minion; and thus, ere long, De Luynes had amassed a weighty load of hatred in his heart.

After all, why should you not prefer to have her dissemble her sentiments toward you, if you are the source of their inspiration?

"Lean on yore own breakfast," urged Mr. Richie, studiously dissembling his joy at sight of his old friend, and carefully steering Mr. Dawson against the bar.

It was a proud day for John Watson, and his honest heart did not dissemble the pride he felt in his girl.

He dissembled his exultationor plumed himself on doing so.

If a Believer is in danger of torture, he may dissemble his faith to save himself from infamy and death.

At recess the others crowded about her, girls at the centre, within a straggling circumference of young males, who dissembled their gallantry under a pretence of being mere brutal marauders.

The modern economiser keeps back his opinions, or dissembles the grounds of them, for the sake of leaving his neighbours the more at their ease in the peaceful sloughs of prejudice and superstition and low ideals.

Thou shouldst abuse our kingly courtesies, Which we too long in favour have bestow'd Upon thy false, dissembling heart with us?

On several occasionsat Lille, for examplethe keenest members of the parliamentary opposition, Odilon Barrot and his friends, withdrew, soon after taking their places at table, because the others absolutely refused to dissemble their hostility to the Crown and the King.

Mrs. Margery Burleigh sat with her face turned from the stage, to dissemble the secret impatience with which she awaited the uprolling of the curtain, and slowly waved to and fro a huge, flowered fan, which charged the air with a heavy Indian perfume.

73 collocations for  dissemble