215 collocations for divert

Sure I am that I had still strength enough to turn away my eyes from his gaze, at least for a time; but no other occurrence had power to divert my attention from the things already mentioned, and upon which I had deeply pondered.

" "Mr. Darrin, you are merely seeking to divert my mind from what I have said.

Then she sat down on a sofa, put up her feet, and began to read Rhythm to divert her thoughts.

Would the quavering slaves have presence of mind to divert suspicion?

[Footnote 25: In one of these sieges Canute diverted the course of the Thames, and by that means brought his ships above London bridge.

" "We didn't see any trader," said the Boy to divert the current.

But before they had gone halfway down the path onto which Riley had cunningly diverted the older man, he caught Hood's arm and stopped him with a whisper.

Luxmore now sought to injure him by diverting the water from his cloth-mills, and leaving his great wheels idle.

I felt that I was, and hastened to divert the conversation into safer channels.

There's nothing to divert the eyes.

Only we must remember that the really availing worship is that of the Undifferentiated Source because It is the Source, and not as a backhanded way of diverting the stream into some petty channel of conditions, for that would only be to get back to the old circle of limitation from which we are seeking to escape.

We might divert our readers with some specimens of criticism, or opinion, did our limits admit of such entertainment.

I do not wear a Sword, but I often divert my self at the Theatre, where I frequently see a Set of Fellows pull plain People, by way of Humour

Just as he had said this, I, to divert the subject, shewed him the signed assurances of the three successive Kings of the Hanover family, to maintain the Presbyterian establishment in Scotland.

But one day, as my master was pulling the rope around my neck to make me rise up and divert the company, a man came and asked me in Greek who I was.

Ibrahim was wont to divert his grief by the pleasures of the chase; and this exercise soon became almost his only occupation.

By all the arts of policy, in which he excelled, he endeavoured to divert the torrent; but while he employed professions, caresses, civilities, and seeming services towards the leaders of the crusade, he secretly regarded those imperious allies as more dangerous than the open enemies by whom his empire had been formerly invaded.

As Plutus, to divert his care, Walked forth one morn to take the air, Cupid o'ertook his strutting pace, Each stared upon the stranger's face, Till recollection set them right; For each knew t'other but by sight.

I presumed it was a New England trader, on a voyage to some part of the Republic of Colombia: and, by way of diverting my friend from his melancholy reverie, I told him some of the many stories which are current respecting the enterprise and ingenuity of this portion of my countrymen, and above all, their adroitness at a bargain.

Since men are so irreclaimably disposed to mirth and laughter, it may be well to set them in the right pin, to divert their humour into the proper channel, that they may please themselves in deriding things which deserve it, ceasing to laugh at that which requireth reverence or horror.

A manager of an industrial establishment has to continually combat his tendency to divert the energies of the organization along new lines.

Some portents had taken place about this time, which the seers declared imported destruction to him, and they advised him to divert the danger upon others.

Severed from the Government as political engines, and not susceptible of dangerous extension and combination, the State banks will not be tempted, nor will they have the power, which we have seen exercised, to divert the public funds from the legitimate purposes of the Government.

Already has this anticipation, on one important point at leastthe impropriety of diverting public money to private purposesbeen fully realized.

She was a capital story-teller, and always had a story on hand to divert a wayward child, or to soothe the little sister who was lying awake, and afraid of the dark.

215 collocations for  divert