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He then went to the Duc de Broglie, President du Conseil, who was busy, received him very curtly, cut short his explanations, and was in fact extremely disagreeable but did the thing, and the man loved Decazes and hated de Broglie.

I was astonished the first years of my married life in France, to see people of certain position and standing give the cold shoulder to men they had known all their lives because they were Republicans, knowing them quite well to be honourable, independent gentlemen, wanting nothing from the Republicmerely trying to do their best for the country.

Man can do more work, harder work, and always better work, because of the faith that is in him.

I can only say that, if elected, gentlemen, I shall endeavor to do my whole duty.

" "It is already known there," replied he, "and has been long practised by many in the east: but in the present state of society with you, it might do more harm than good to be made public, by removing one of the checks of licentiousness, where women are so unrestrained as they are with you.

Thus we spent several days, having splendid sport, and first-rate appetites to do justice upon our prey.

We had a big bay mare, a very fast trotter, which always did the train service, and the two were stationed there sometimes from six-thirty to nine-thirty, but they never seemed the worse for it.

Therefore to men we do no wrong if we apply to them the same laws that they apply to others; for to them no privilege has been granted which is not accorded to us withal.

The Hotel des Reservoirs did a flourishing business as long as the Chambers sat at Versailles.

He had people at dinner every night and a small reception afterward,Madame Thiers and her sister, Mademoiselle Dosne, doing the honours for him.

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The certainty of having done the right, the wisest thing, was a support, a proud satisfaction.

" Again I flung my arms around Dave's neck and gave him a hug that would have done honor to a grizzly bear.

The impolicy of privateers, and of letters of marque and reprisals, is next animadverted on, by the story of two neighbours, who are at variance, and whose dependants are occupied in laying hold of what they can of each other's flocks and herds, and doing as much mischief as possible, by which both parties, of necessity, suffer.

The jury will not convict you of stealing, for their verdict will be that you did the deed in self-defence."

These petty transgressions, (for I cannot even now regard them as sins,) industriously reported and artfully exaggerated, did me lasting injury with all the most pious of our caste.

She is old, like myself; yet how little we have to do with one another.

He might do a great deal of good.

But he good-naturedly added, that, notwithstanding the ridiculous figure they had that day made, they were all men of genius and ability, but had done their parts injustice by their vanity, and the ambition of originating a new theory.

"They say it wasn't the fellows who were in the roomsome of them put the gas out; but it was a lot of other chaps, who rushed in after, who did all the damage and caused such 'ructions.'

One of the curses of the common people is, 'May the moon eat up your brains;' and in China they say of a man who has done any act of egregious folly, 'He was gathering wool in the moon.'

The House did itself credit by refusing one land-grab, out of a thousand or so submitted.

Some said that Sisyphus had done his job of porterage long enough; Tantalus would be dying of thirst, if he were not relieved; the drag must be put at last on wretched Ixion's wheel.

Whatever its faults, it did due homage to beauty and youth.

" He had an ideal, and he did his utmost to live up to it.

6019 collocations for  do