61 collocations for doom

This was a law dooming any man to the punishment of death, who should live with a woman that was not his wife; and this law through the lenity of the duke being utterly disregarded, the holy institution of marriage became neglected, and complaints were every day made to the duke by the parents of the young ladies in Vienna, that their daughters had been seduced from their protection, and were living as the companions of single men.

Why must I Afric's sable children see Vended for slaves, though born by nature free, The nameless tortures cruel minds invent Those to subject whom Nature equal meant? If these you dare (although unjust success Empowers you now unpunished, to oppress), Revolving empire you and yours may doom (Rome all subdu'dyet

They also modified their original tale, and stated that they were descendants of the Egyptians who refused hospitality to the Holy Virgin and to St. Joseph during their flight into Egypt: they also declared that, in consequence of this crime, God had doomed their race to perpetual misery and exile.

There be whose lot far otherwise is cast: Sole human tenant of the piny waste, By choice or doom a gipsy wanders here, 175 A nursling babe her only comforter; Lo, where she sits beneath yon shaggy rock, A cowering shape half hid in curling smoke!

It is a great crime to doom millions of our race to brutal degradation, on the ground of unreasonable fears.

Sunk is all credit, writs assail, And doom your future life to jail.

But, by six to one, they doomed the prisoner to the vivisection-table.

Those lips, once drenched with gall, do make With their dread doom the world to quake.

Say, why so soon does all thy kindness fade, And doom me, thus, affliction's cup to taste? Ungen'rous deed!

Then prompt no more the follies you decry, As tyrants doom their tools of guilt to die; 'Tis yours, this night, to bid the reign commence Of rescued nature and reviving sense; To chase the charms of sound, the pomp of show, For useful mirth and salutary woe; Bid scenick virtue form the rising age, And truth diffuse her radiance from the stage.

The hand of parental authority might have restrained the passions he had seen burning in the prisoner's eyes when the desperate man spoke the words which had seemed to doom his father to death.

Thus dooms the lord: now, valiant knights and young, Fight each his fill with swords and maces long.

Evidently the Arioi had merely preserved a supportable maximum of numbers, and it remained for civilization to doom the entire people.

This sorrow none of us had long to see; for though a flower, when withered at the root, and doomed ere eve to perish, may yet look to the careless eye the same as when it blossomed in its pride,its leaves, still green, are not as once they were,its bloom, though fair, is fadedand at set of sun, the dews shall find it in decay, and fall unfelt on all its petals.

At that time such a condition was inevitable; but it doomed the Southwest to suffer under the curse of negro bondage.

The laws pertaining to debt were severe, and were most disgraceful in dooming a debtor to the absolute power of a creditor.

But the magistracy, in their great mercy and tenderness of heart, have doomed Mistress Prynne to stand only a space of three hours on the platform of the pillory, and for the remainder of her natural life to wear a mark of shame upon her bosom.

I can understand how savages, fighting with each other, could doom their vanquished foes to slavery, but it has always been a puzzle to me how a civilized man could drag his own children, bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh, down to the position of social outcasts, abject slaves, and political pariahs.

Who would not resist when meek acceptance would be a confession which would doom his own mother or father to prison, or ignominy, or death?

To die with husbands, or to live without them, are the two extremes which the prudence and moderation of European ladies have, in all ages, equally declined; they have never been allured to death by the kindness or civility of the politest nations, nor has the roughness and brutality of more savage countries ever provoked them to doom their male associates to irrevocable banishment.

And finally, thou, my old soul of the tritical, Noting, translating, high slavish, hot critical, Quarterly-scutcheon'd, great heir to each dunce, Be Tibbald, Cook, Arnall, and Dennis at once At the end, Mercury dooms the ugly boot to take the semblance of a man, and the satire closes with its painful metamorphosis into Gifford.

Talk of the heathenism of Africa, of hostile tribes warring upon each other and selling the conquered foes into the hands of white men, but how much higher in the scale of moral progression was the white man who doomed his own child, bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh, to a life of slavery?

Little less than omniscience will suffice to guard against the sometimes sudden, and often most unaccountable, freaks of fashion, whose fiat may doom a thing, in every respect admirably adapted to its intended use, to irretrievable condemnation and loss of value.

The deeds make the man, but it is the style which makes or dooms the writer.

O may I sit there when He comes triumphant, Dooming the nations!

61 collocations for  doom