62 collocations for drape

As he has draped the figures in his great epic, so has an admiring posterity draped his own person.

The velvet curtains with their golden bees still draped the windows.

A long white beard hung down to his middle, and his unshorn hair draped his shoulders like a fleece.

And gold-fringed scarlet curtains grace each door, And from the inlaid columns reach the floor: From golden rods extending round the halls, Bright silken hangings drape the sculptured walls.

In Whittier's poem, Telling the Bees, the lover coming to visit his mistress sees the small servant draping the hives with black, and hears her chant: "Stay at home, pretty bees, fly not hence, Mistress Mary is dead and gone.

I have seen a mahout swept clean off the elephant's back by these tenacious creepers, and the elephants themselves are sometimes unable to break through the tangle of sinewy, lithe cords, which drape the huge forest trees, hanging in slender festoons from every branch.

I think that the art of draping the male human body has been brought to much less excellence by the mass of those who practise it than any other of the useful and ornamental arts.

As he has draped the figures in his great epic, so has an admiring posterity draped his own person.

He could hear people running, and when a large woman, draping her wrapper about her, floundered out of a basement door near him, he followed her.

The latter message had draped the men in a somber mood.

Crystal chandeliers, icicles of dripping light, glow down upon a scene of parquet floor, draped velours, and mirrors wreathed in gilt.

He lifts one knee and drapes the cloth over it, standing upon one leg.

Betty and Mollie supported themselves by draping their arms about each other's waists.

Burger put his lantern down on the ground, and shaded its light in all directions save one by draping his overcoat round it.

, Like marble shafts beneath Heaven's stooping dome, And sunset's dreamy curtain drapes the skies, As if enchantment there would build her home O'er wood and wave, from haunts of men away From out the glen, all trembling like a child, A babbling streamlet comes as if to play

He (or she; there was no telling which it was) stood on the sandy beach, a splendid creature in full nuptial garb, two black plumes nodding jauntily from its crown, and masses of soft elongated feathers draping its back and lower neck.

I always felt a strong attachment to this matchless ruin, and as I beheld it again, with the warm sunshine falling through each broken arch, the wild ivy draping its desolate chambers, it seemed to smile on me like the face of a friend, and I confessed I had seen many a grander scene, but few that would cling to the memory so familiarly.

Climbing ferns, lichens, pendant grasses, air-plants, and orchids drape the columns.

But do we not commit a trespass against virtue, when we demand the same soft disguises to drape facts whose disguise is the worst immorality, whose naked hideousness is the only decency, which must be seen disgusting to warrant their being seen at all?

Lord Almeric, in the gloom of the green moreen curtains that draped his huge four-poster, had fallen into a drunken slumber.

He decorated, he pruned, he balanced; he hung garlands, he draped robes; and he ended by converting the Doric order of Swift into the Corinthian order of Gibbon.

"Neither draped Diana nor naked Venus pleases me.

Really there seemed enough of it to drape the whole valley of the shadow of death!

1. I bring forth our drum that I may show the power and the grandeur in which thou standest, decked with flowers of song: I seek a song wherewith to drape thee, ah!

Into her lap plumped an embroidered pin-cushion, on one shoulder drooped a muslin and lace apron, over her head was draped a white silk waist, while all around, on floor and table, were other articles, besides packages of various sizes tied with pink and white ribbons.

62 collocations for  drape