103 collocations for drawls

"Mawnin', Miss Lenore!" drawled a cheery voice.

She drawled the last words as if she liked to linger on them.

" The two friends were just rising from the form on which they had been sitting, when they were accosted by Browse, who, strolling up with a pair of dilapidated slippers on his feet, which caused him to walk as though he were skating, inquired in drawling tones, "I say, have either of you kids got a watch-key?" Jack Vance handed him the required article, which happened to be of the kind which fit all watches.

"I've a lot ter say," drawled the old man.

His eyes drooped, half-closed beneath blond brows; a long wiry hand lazily twisted a rather affected blond moustache, his voice drawled his speech in a manner either insufferably condescending and impertinent, or ineffably tired,who could tell which?

"By Jawve!" drawled Paulding, "it is awful!

Do you think I'd lower myself to associate with fellows like you?" "I guess you'd find it difficult," drawled Nap.

" "Well, if the worst comes to the worst," drawled the Colonel, "we'll change breeches.

" "Say, partner," drawled Jack, "I ain't drunk enough of the hot stuff to make me fall for the line you've been handing out.

"You must of been drunk an' seein' double, partner," drawled the answer.

" "You lie," drawled Harris coldly.

"So you brought Mrs. Forrester," drawled Heywood.

"Now that's what I call right down handsomefor you," drawled Racey.

boy, thet was shore funny," drawled Brewer with his lazy Southern manner.

" "Oh?" drawled the hunter, lazily.

Eh, Heywood?" "Rather!" drawled Rudolph's friend, with an alacrity that seemed half cynical, half enigmatic.

Mrs. Egg groaned, drawling commonplaces to her visitor, but he stayed a full hour, admiring the new milk shed and the cider press.

" "I think it very possible," drawled the Countess, looking at him, nevertheless, with a certain contempt for what she privately considered his priggish, underbred cant.

"That's something I'll remember," drawled the cowpuncher.

" "Aw, you fancy resistance impossible?" drawled Albert Cullen.

You'd be amazed at some of the things I could tell you about him" "And about himself, if he would," drawled Dade.

" "How are you, Eagen?" drawled Darrow.

" "That's your 'bossy' tone, Mattie," he drawled, his desire to talk getting a fresh excuse for indulging itself.

" "By Jove, deuced clever that," drawled the duke.

"I thought I heard a gun," he drawled, his calm eyes embracing everyone in the room.

103 collocations for  drawls
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