2768 collocations for drew

He spread his massive legs apart, drew a deep breath, and raised his weapon.

As amicus curiae" "Amicus your grandmother, sir!" said Mr. P. "What does society know about the beauties of nature, or the proper time for enjoying them?" "Society knows enough about it, sir!" cried the Count, drawing his sword a little way from its scabbard and letting it fall again with: clanging sound.

I had gone, perhaps, some thirty paces, when a cry from Pepper, drew my attention, and I turned, stiffly, toward him.

It was as though by prompt obedience, instant deference, and the emphasising of ship's etiquette they intended to draw sharply the line between themselves and me.

He came along now with his quick, light step and drew a chair up beside Reginald's couch.

She drew aside the curtains and looked out, and saw that the snow had ceased to fall, and lay thick and white on the ground.

but he had only smiled and taken the hand, on which his ring was gleaming, into his, and settled his arm more securely upon the back of her chair; and John Randolph, sitting opposite with Dick and Miss Diana, had watched the little scene and drawn his own conclusions with a sigh.

At this period he spent a considerable amount of his leisure time not only in longing to see real animals, but in inventing and drawing pictures of non-existent oneshorrible creatures, or quaint creatures, for which he found the strangest names.

I" "O my God!" said Mrs. Kaufman, drawing her hand across her brow.

Observing that his own sloop, which was still fit for action, drew more water than the pirate's, he ordered all her ballast to be thrown out, and, directing his men to conceal themselves between decks, took the helm in person, and steered directly aboard of his antagonist, who continued inextricably fixed on the shoal.

And ever I drew more nigh, and looked out upon this strange sightthe visible circling of the planets about the mother sun.

He drew his knife and backed away.

He crossed a ravine in a few jumps, and on reaching a ridge beyond, I drew rein, looked back and saw the Indians coming for me at full speed and evidently well-mounted.

My delight was inexpressible, therefore, when I perceived that he still breathed, and when, on drawing nearer, I found that he slept soundly.

The only way in the world to draw a man on is to be always out to him, or to go away, and never even let him hear your name mentioned.'

~A Love-Song~ The moon comes forth, bright in the sky; A lovelier sight to draw my eye Is she, that lady fair.

You must picture for yourself how the colonel stood before her, big, sturdy and blond, and glared down at her, and assured himself that he was very indignant; like Timanthes, the colonel's biographer prefers to draw a veil before the countenance to which art is unable to do justice.

'Your scarf's coming off, you'll catch cold,' said Aylmer, and as he was trying, rather awkwardly, to put the piece of blue chiffon round her head he drew the dear head to him and kissed her harshly.

However, what we do know of this Upper Eocene Fauna of Europe gives sufficient positive information to enable us to draw some tolerably safe inferences.

Citizens reminded each other, that when, during the rebellion, a certain PENDRAGON of the celebrated Southern Confederacy met a former religious chattel of his confronting him with a bayonet in the loyal ranks, and immediately afterwards felt a cold, tickling sensation under one of his ribs, he drew a pistol upon the member of the injured race, who subsequently died in Ohio of fever and ague.

A cry That banished fear of Conn's great blows From out the Fian ranks arose, As, like a plumed reed in a gust, Goll suddenly stoopeda deadly thrust That drew the first blood in the fray He darting gave ...

I drew my revolver, remembered that I had emptied it in the seal caveand had time for no more coherent mental processes.

With what dull routine he draws his bow, as though he knew naught

It was a small movement, that flinching, and he covered it by continuing the upward gesture of his hand to his coat; he drew out tobacco and cigarette papers and commenced to roll his smoke.

You heard him say in the witness-box that he drew Birchill a plan of Riversbrookthe plan I now hold in my hand.

2768 collocations for  drew