2629 collocations for  drive

2629 collocations for drive

"Have you ever driven an 'Autocrat' car?" asked Mr. Merrick.

| | | | The New-York Tribune says: "This is a Masterly Treatise by | | the Master of his Professionthe ripened product of forty | | years' experience in Handling, Training, Riding, and Driving | | the Trotting Horse.

Mistrust sometimes drives a man totoOh, anyhow, it's a great mistake.'

The second man in command was the assistant wagon-master; then came the "extra hand," next the night herder; and lastly, the cavallard driver, whose duty it was to drive the lame and loose cattle.

"Perhaps the most powerful force driving today’s clean-tech growth is simple economics.

We had a severe fight of at least an hour, when we succeeded in driving the enemy.

"Reckon you is surprised to see me," said she, and then turning to the negro man who drove the shabby hired vehicle, she told him that he might go over to the barn and tie his horse, for she would not be ready to go back for some time.

Those rulers drive their people into pitfalls or into the water; and your Majesty will go to punish them.

Soon afterwards, mounted on the high seat of an overland stagecoach, he was driving a six-in-hand team.

Up at the cabin he unlashed the load, and it quickly became manifest that Nicholas was a dandy at driving a bargain.

The long night's rest had driven from her mind all thoughts of the statue.

At Pensford the rabble made a bull savage, and then tried to make it attack his congregation; at Whitechapel they drove cows among the listeners and threw stones, one of which hit Wesley between the eyes; but after he had wiped away the blood he went on with his address, telling the people that "God hath not given us the spirit of fear".

"Joe Mathewson, that big fellow who drives a warehouse truck, and Burleigh;" and Peter went on with those of the test proof list whom he knew.

Jim Dawson went over them in his mind as he drove the ten miles over the rain-soaked roads to Auburn to get his daily letter.

Still, however, I have taken precautions; for I have driven stout nails in at the back of each of the three bolts, that secure the door, opening from the study into the gardens.

The short sellers piled on, selling borrowed stock, driving the price down in order to frighten investors into dumping their shares.

She had never cross-questioned him, never asked him for a single detail, never laboured the subject, nor driven the point home, nor condescended even to try to find out how far things had really gone.

All that I would have to do would be to take the place of any man who became sick, and drive his wagon until he recovered.

Activity-based costing also focuses less on direct labor as a cost driver and looks instead on activities that drive costs, As the provision of a service or the production of a product component.

He never sold vodka, and the majority of the villagers were in one of the three thriving "kabaks" which drove a famous trade in strong drink and weak tea.

Here, for three days, the Germans succeeded in pushing forward, driving a wedge for several miles into the line of the allied armies of England, France and Belgium.

Those shepherds who, in summer, drive their flocks to the mountain pastures, and, while watching them night and day, have seen them frightened by bears and storms, and scattered like wind-driven chaff, will, in some measure, be able to appreciate the self-reliance and strength and noble individuality of Nature's sheep.

[Illustration] Here is arranged a steam-engine, which drives the wheels of the vehicle, and which will of course propel the whole turnout, horse and all, at a great rate of speed.

Studd had seen it, and we should see it; and some day the Virginian people would drive a road through Clearwater Gap and enter into possession.

Beyond the bridge, at the first rise of ground, the horse stoppedfor I assume that you drove a sagacious animalby way of hint that every one of sound limb get out and walk to the top of the hill.

For about an hour it was feared that the enemy would succeed in driving our forces to the river bank, the rebels at times being plainly seen by those on the main landing below.

Instead, they see the system as an important part of their business strategy and a method to drive organization change.

It had the peculiar ring, which any one will recognise who has driven a stake into ground covered with water, by blows given by the side instead of the head of an axe.

Pa selected the place of driver of the Roman chariot with four horses abreast, in place of the Irish Roman who was accustomed to drive the chariot in the race with the female charioteer, a muscular girl who used to clerk in a livery stable at Chicago.

In vain he sought to get it in position where he could drive the point into Harris' body.

So in 1745, my friend, Tom Cumming the Quaker, said, he would not fight, but he would drive an ammunition cart; and we know that the Quakers have sent flannel waistcoats to our soldiers, to enable them to fight better.'

They had driven the unthinking child out of me and forced me to reflect on my future.

When the evening was come, the Cyclop drove home his sheep; and as fortune directed it, either of purpose, or that his memory was overruled by the gods to his hurt (as in the issue it proved), he drove the males of his flock, contrary to his custom, along with the dams into the pens.

I replied that it would be better for me to go alone, and then the soldiers could keep right on to Fort Larned, while I could drive the herd down on the bottom.

To drive the oxen up and down the field in full view of an astonished and horrified neighborhood seemed to take away in large measure from the "beastliness of labor," and then, too, the Sabbath calm of the Black Creek valley seemed to stimulate their imagination as they discoursed loudly and elaborately on the present and future state of the oxen, consigning them without hope of release to the remotest and hottest corner of Gehenna.

He had driven economy to the most stringent extremes; he had avoided the intimacy of his class fellows, lest he should be drawn into needless expenses; he had borne with shabby clothing and mean fare among better dressed and richer associates, and been willing to bear it.

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He banished from Chalcis the "equestrian order," as it was called, consisting of men of wealth and station; and he drove all the inhabitants of Hestiaea out of their country, replacing them by Athenian settlers.

Plutarch relates that the pilot Thamus heard a voice in the air, crying out:"The great Pan is dead:" whereupon Eusebius observes, that the deaths of the demons were frequent in the reign of Tiberius, when Christ drove out the wicked spirits.

Doyle followed along with a sharp hit to center field for a base and although he was forced out by Becker, the latter drove the ball hard.

However we finally accomplished our dangerous mission and when we had driven a sufficient numbers onto the land we were able to select a female for Jaws.

Ch'ang-tsü said, "Who is the person driving the carriage?" "Confucius," answered Tsz-lu.

When a gentleman asks a lady to go out in his automobile she can't ask him to drive down the back streets."

Their remarks were overheard by Bob Scott, who was to drive the coach from Horseshoe to Fort Laramie, and he determined to give them satisfaction before they got over his route.

We drove long distances from the Prince's headquarters and once passed through a famous town which sees the German conquerors for a second time.

In this cattle driving business is exhibited some most magnificent horsemanship, for the "cow-boys," as they are called, are invariably skillful and fearless horsemenin fact only a most expert rider could be a cow-boy, as it requires the greatest dexterity and daring in the saddle to cut a wild steer out of the herd.

On some particular spot, favorably situated with reference to the well-known trails of the sheep, they built a high-walled corral, with long guiding wings diverging from the gateway; and into this inclosure they sometimes succeeded in driving the noble game.

I might drive a hansom cab or an omnibus, better men than I have done worse.

Here the tilts were built with double walls, filled in between with leaves and moss, to help the little stoves that struggled bravely with the terrible cold; and the roofs were covered over with poles and bark, or with the brown sails that had once driven the fishing-boats out and in on the wings of the gale.

"I'd admire to see you drive those women out of their home on the strength of that paper, Tweezy," remarked Racey.