117 collocations for dyed

"The little beast must dye his hair," I thought contemptuously.

A deep flush of shame had dyed her cheeks and her lips were quivering.

"Oh, Vetsy," she cried, and a flush rushed up, completely dyeing her face.

At sight of her Dickie's whiteness dyed itself scarlet.

A. A man that dyes cloths of different colours.

His pale sandy hair can readily be bleached white or dyed a dark colour.

With his huge mace, cow-headed, Rustem dyed The ground with crimsonand wherever seen, Urging impatiently his fiery horse, Heads severed fell like withered leaves in autumn.

So it was ripped up and dyed Nile green, a shade which was particularly becoming to Migwan.

At the breath of his nostrils cochineal had gone up in the market at an almost magical rate, as if the whole civilised world had become suddenly intent upon dyeing its garments red, nay, as if even the naked savages of the Gold Coast and the tribes of Central Africa were bent on staining their dusky skins with the bodies of the female coccus.

Once more the creature dived, and this time he stayed down only a few minutes, and, when he came up, blood spouted into the air and dyed the sea crimson, and Kalitan exclaimed: "Pierced his lungs!

The stormy fates descend: one death involves Tyrants and slaves; when straight their mangled limbs Crashing at once, he dyes the purple seas With gore, and riots in the vengeful meal.

They paint their breasts and foreheads with the symbolical figures of Vishnu and Shiva, and dye their ragged hair dark reddish brown.

It was dyed a dark sandy color and looked as though it would last.

Brave Earl, had Skink known thou hadst been the noble Gloster (whose mad tricks have made me love thee), I would have dyed Blackheath red with the blood of millions, ere we would have been taken; but what remedy?

Then when she had dyed her wools, it was red and blue dress material for herself and the little ones; at last she put in several colours, and made a bedspread for Isak all by herself.

Can it be that for that barren honour a human being dyed his hands with murder and risked momentary assassination for the remainder of his lifetime?

1. 'Twas on a lofty vase's side, Where China's gayest art had dyed The azure flowers that blow, Demurest of the tabby kind, The pensive Selima, reclined, Gazed on the lake below.

A warm wave of blood dyed the round, white neck, shot up into her cheeks.

Then, as the sun sank lower, the soft rosy hue shone on the castle windows, glinted through the trees of the Château Park, dyed the swift waters of the river, and tipped the snowy crests afar.

They'd spin and dye the thread with some kind of indigo.

But the face, with its short beard dyed dark with henna, and its blue eyes, is not that of a warrior, but of a serious scholar or diplomatist.

She made the letters large, and with a flourish, and dyed them the most brilliant purple they would take, and set them on a wire foundation above her gate.

Gismond, that whilom liued her fathers ioy, and dyed his death, now dead doeth (as she may) by vs pray you to pitie her anoye; and, to reacquite the same, doeth humbly pray Joue shield yo'r vertuous loues from like decay.

It was envy first that turned man out of Paradise, and with the blood of the innocent first dyed the untainted earth.

"Shhh," Pee-wee said, "maybe he isn't dyed so very deepthere's different shades of dyes.

117 collocations for  dyed