1300 collocations for eat

It amused me perfectly to see W. with a straw hat, sitting on a rather rickety three-legged stool, eating bread and butter and jam.

I've hearn it said that when a man has eaten a hearty dinner, and goes to sleep with the hot sun pourin' right down on him, he's apt to see and hear a good many strange things before he wakes up.

" The four men met and talked with one another while Mary ate breakfast.

And, as to courage, we see no difference between those Asiatics who eat animal food as you do, and those who abstain from it as I do.

We had eaten our supper, and I was smokin' my last pipe before layin' myself away, when all at once the forest was lighted up like the day.

The resiny essences of the pines pervade every pore of his body, and eating his flesh is like chewing gum.

Why, gentlemen, I haven't eaten a civilised meal, with all the trimmings, for over two years.

"And you must eat meat twice a day," said the doctor.

Therefore, that you may not think I am speaking against one person instead of the general custom, I propose that from this day forward the godhead be given to none of those who eat the fruits of the earth, or whom mother earth doth nourish.

Colonel Musgrave ate his fish with deliberation.

This is sina contrariness of thingswhich makes the world an evil place to live in, instead of a good; which wrecks character and states, eats the hearts out of cultures and civilizations, destroys strong races, leaves a stain upon even the youngest child, and which is constantly drawing the race downward, instead of upward.

The day was warm, and we trudged along leisurely enough, stopping about mid-day to eat our lunch upon a great flat rock near the riverbank.

At dinner-time I took my place at table on his right hand in low spirits, ate little, and said nothing.

"The sickness is because you have not eaten good things or taken care of yourself and kept as clean as you should have.

A white child in a tenth of the time would have eaten the cakes, torn off the transfiguring tinfoil, tired of the tree, and forgotten it.

And he didgo to the closet, and "Sat in the corner, Eating a Christmas Pie.

Thou mightest as well seek to illustrate the habits of animals by establishing a menagerie in which panthers should eat grass, and antelopes be dieted on rabbits.

We eat apples and throw the cores at the pig to hear him grunt.

I cannot eat your salt and steal your honor.

Slowly it eats its way through the forest, and fields and manors appear in the waste places, and cattle graze in the coverts of the deer.

We afterwards ate our rice among the dead bodies.

The priests would tell the people that juju had eaten the men.

You have eaten the last two eggs; and I found them, and they were mine!

When he was badthat is, when he had eaten his daily fill of the camp's scanty store (in such a little place it was not easy to hide from such a hunter as Kaviak)he was taken down to the Little Cabin, smacked, and made to say "Ow Farva."

He was eating a cucumber sandwich at the moment young Roger Musgrave came into the world, and by that action very nearly accomplished Patricia's death.

1300 collocations for  eat
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