434 collocations for echoes

'Don't echo my words!

Next, a verse was sung frequently echoing the same sentiment, and the choir again, as in the psalmi responsorii, repeated the refrain or the responsorii proper.

"It's pouring," echoed the voice of Sandy amongst the ruins; "as much as ever the pipe can give.

"Advice!" echoed the man, "and doesn't advice count in law?"

And even in that moment came one in answer to the cry, one that leapt to his right hand, a wild man and hairy who plied a gleaming axe and, 'twixt each stroke, seemed, from hairy throat, to echo back the cry: "Arise!

"Yes," said the other voice, echoing that gentle laugh of hers, "you have died too.

I certainly do not echo your wish.

" We all of us echoed this opinion, and after thanking us warmly, our commander bade us make ready at once for the return to Great Meadows.

his pink-and-white pyjama-top If anything seemed a shade de trop, And his faultless coat hardly echoed the note Of his worsted bedroom slippers.

" "That house on highit ever rings With praises of the King of kings; For ever there, on harps divine, They hymn th' eternal One and Trine We, here below, the strain prolong;, And faintly echo Sion's song.

"Know him!" echoed her father hoarsely.

" "Here!" echoed Evadne faintly.

" As he hurried away, Marmaduke leaned against the gate and made the villas opposite echo his laughter.

Yet write, oh, write all, that I may join Grief to thy griefs, and echo sighs to thine!

" "Another?" echoed the veiled lady, looking at him.

His voice was drowned in the mighty roar that surged from five thousand throats and rolled in waves of echoing and re-echoing sound across the field.

Yes, echoes the negro-hating mob, made up of "gentlemen of property and standing" together with equally gentle-men reeking from the gutter; YesPaul sent back Onesimus to Philemon!

If some staunch hound, with his authentic voice, Avow the recent trail, the justling tribe Attend his call, then with one mutual cry, The welcome news confirm, and echoing hills Repeat the pleasing tale.

There were many others to echo the thought, but all knew that it could not be done.

Many of his friends had re-echoed its praises.

He could enter now without the dread of echoing footsteps or wistful, half-heard whisperings.

"Bring on the stew!" All echoed this request, so Tadeo sat down, contented with having got out of his quandary.

" "Heresy!" echoed his wife, who had not yet recovered her equanimity; "why, Bertram, I have just been talking to a young person who asked me if I was on intimate terms with Jesus Christ!"

"Drefful wet," echoed Paul.

" "I would," echoed the sister; "but if we go to Bath, you know, I shall want all my money.

434 collocations for  echoes
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