54 collocations for edified

The sixth, that no man should edify any churches without license of holy church and consent of the bishop.

Noah then edified an altar to our Lord and took of all the beasts that were clean and offered sacrifice unto our Lord; and our Lord smelled the sweetness of the sacrifice and said to Noah: From henceforth I shall not curse the earth for man, for he is prone and ready to fall from the beginning of his youth.

On reaching the centre of the place you get a moderately clear view of the pulpit which somewhat edifies the mind; and, on turning right round, you see a magnificent organ which compensates for multitudes of defects, and below itin front of the orchestraa rather powerful representation of the royal arms, a massive lion and unicorn, "fighting for the crown" as usual, and got up in polished wood work.

to the Crown in 1660, he was on November 12 taken as he was edifying some good people, and confined in Bedford Gaol for the space of six years; till the Act of Indulgence to dissenters being allowed, he obtained his freedom by the intercession of some in power that took pity on his sufferings; but was again taken up, and was then confined for six years more.

Now, his conduct was to be such as should edify the whole body of the magistracy of Ispahan, of which he was become the head.

Amen." God has used this preaching of the Word, not only to edify the brethren, but to bring men to repentance.

THE STORY OF JUDITH Which is read the last Sunday of October Arpaxhad, king of the Medes, subdued into his empire many peoples and edified a mighty city, which he named Ecbatane, and made it with stones squared, and polished them.

Whether we accept the religion of the Middle Ages or not; whether we look on the period as one of high and edifying Christian civilization, or as a time of ignorance and superstition, we are bound to admit that society in its physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects was highly organized, and coordinated after a most masterly fashion.

For two years at a monastery in Pontigny then for four at Sens, the archbishop lived the life of an austere Cistercian monk, edifying the community with his fastings, scourgings, and prayers.

Tom had learned to read quite fluently, and was accustomed to edify his household companions with chapters from the Bible on Sunday evenings.

" In the meantime the poor old woman who for so many years was the object of their speculations and their sympathy, lived in all quietness and humbleness at one end of her long house, and on fine Sundays edified the congregation by coming to church.

Our readers will remember the humorous epitaph on him, in edifying contrast to Somerville's praise: 'Here lies Fred, Who was alive, and is dead: If it had been his father, I'd much rather; Had it been his mother, Better than another; Were it his sister, Nobody would have miss'd her; Were it the whole generation, The better for the nation.

"And you spend your time in good works, in the village, of course, and in edifying conversation with Don Teodoro.

Mercedes has also enriched the columns of The Missionary and other publications with several true stories, in attractive prose, of edifying conversions resulting from the missionary zeal of priest and teacher.

* * Diderot's work, especially the first part, is very interesting, and, considering the subject, is handled with edifying delicacy.

We had good seats and heard a most beautiful as well as edifying discourse on the first verses of the 103d Psalm.

He could in no manner have edified the afflicted Mrs. Dodwell, and the wink meant that he would go with his father for a walk over the hillsperhaps to the gypsy camp.

"So she permits me only to design bright optimistic dreams and edifying dreams and glad dreams.

* * The bookful blockhead, ignorantly read, With loads of learnèd lumber in his head, With his own tongue still edifies his ears, And always listening to himself appears.

My lord, this one thing is sufficient to confirm my worth to be equal or better than the Senses, whose best operations are nothing till I polish them with perfection; for their knowledge is only of things present, quickly sublimed with the deft file of time: whereas the tongue is able to recount things past, and often pronounce things to come, by this means re-edifying such excellences as time and age do easily depopulate.

But the point of interest in his attitude is that he did not care much whether a religion was true, but only whether it was morally useful; he was prepared to promote morality by edifying fables; and he condemned the popular mythology not because it was false, but because it did not make for righteousness.

Not a county is settled in the West, the initial steps of which does not furnish legitimate materials for an address which would edify the living generation, and instruct those which are to follow us.

Mr. Thomas came bringing with him the young minister, Rev. Mr. Lomax, whose sermon had so interested and edified Mrs. Harcourt the previous Sunday.

In New England the minister of the parish was elected by the church members or congregation, and if he could not edify his hearers by his sermons, or if his character did not command respect, his occupation was gone, or his salary was not paid.

I have come to dread the very name of Professor, and I never can look out of the window but I see some pale-faced gentleman of the profession approaching, with his badge under his arm; but those edifying ideas all vanished at the first strain of your 'Casta Diva.'

54 collocations for  edified
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