118 collocations for emerge

He emerged an hour later an engaged man, with the date of the wedding fixed.

Harry, though Master Mash's inferior in size and strength, returned this by a punch, and a fight ensued, from which, though severely punished himself, Harry emerged the victor, to be assailed with a chorus of congratulation from those who before were loading him with taunts and outrages.

Redbud is sauntering over the sward, and listening to the wind in the beautiful fallwoods, when, from those woods which stretch toward the West, emerges a figure, which immediately rivets her attention.

Laws emerge which state at once not only "what is" or at least "what tends to be," but also "what should be"; and it is the fact that they taste "what should be" that gives them their fundamental character.

"There can be but one outcome of this wareither Germany, as an empire, will cease to exist, or she will emerge the greatest Power, except the United States, on the face of the earth.

Out from the center of it finally emerged a raw-boned white horse that galloped with amazing awkwardness and incredible speed.

The outlook was, for a London outlook, spacious, down a long slope of roofs towards the Junction, a huge sky of blue passing upward to the darkling zenith and downward into a hazy bristling mystery of roofs and chimneys, from which emerged signal lights and steam puffs, gliding chains of lit window carriages and the vague vistas of streets.

From them emerged the glistening form of the golden-winged Butterfly.

We had spoken of Mr. Hornby and his affairs, and from our talk there had emerged certain facts of no little moment to the inquiry on which I was engaged.

There ensued a gay discussion from which she emerged feeling as if she had had a cocktail.

And he would emerge from these negotiations in possession of a number of complete libraries each ofhow many books?

She looked across the brook at her companion, now sitting back on his heels, and saw that there had emerged from his grime a thin, tanned, high-nosed face, topped by drab-colored hair of no great abundance and lighted by a pair of extraordinarily clear, gray eyes.

she said, and out where Camp Street emerges, a glint of steel, a gleam of brass, a swarming of the people that way, and again a shimmer of brass and steel, affirmed her word that the long, plumed, bristling column had got back to the arms of its darling Canal Street.

The mysterious faculty of judgment enters in; and from mental processes which defy analysis there emerge ultimately conviction and the will to act.

Here is the great waste, the tearing-down, and all that is ghastly among the masses; yet here and there from some pitiful tortured mother emerges a faltering artisther dream.

All erratic and enterprising tendencies in him have been checked by them and brought at last to nothing; and so he emerges a mere residuum of decent minor dispositions.

Because the animal had but recently emerged from hibernation his fur, except for a few rubbed places, was long and rich,a beautiful, tawny-gray that shimmered like cloth-of-gold in the light.

Just then Tom, looking highly amused, emerged, followed by Mr. Pettitt, the only enlightened landlord on whom Mrs. Duncombe had been able to produce the slightest impression.

The musician gathers together the vibrations of the air and discovers the laws of musical agreement, and out of that discovery emerges the stupendous mystery of song.

The grub undergoes its transformation, and in due course emerges a perfect insect.

Yet out of those great masses of men who have fought for France there does emerge a certain definite character overwhelming the details of their individual differences, and I have seen certain qualities of temperament which belong to the majority of them, as essential elements of the national spirit of France.

At midnight, Boston time, he emerged stiffly from the plane and walked into Logan terminal.

She had emerged intending to pass through the room without speaking and find food in the pantry.

Out of this vigorous and abundant American action emerged the conditions that insured a "Peace of Justice.

In 1842 he emerged obscurity.

118 collocations for  emerge