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81 collocations for emphasises

He began his address to the jury by emphasising the fact that a fellow creature's life depended on the result of their deliberations.

" Most writers on the education of young children have emphasised the importance of what is most inadequately called sense training, and it is here that Dr. Montessori takes her stand with her "didactic apparatus.

"Late or not, I do take it," answered Vernon, pausing an instant in his walk to emphasise the words.

It is essential to emphasise this consciousness of the thing under discussion in connection with two or three words that are, as it were, the key-words of this war.

A barbed-wire fence divided his sterile hills from our fertile valleys, and emphasised sharply the difference between a Government claim and a Spanish grant.

" She held up her finger to emphasise the smallness of this number, and withdrew it again, hastily.

The chronological order, in so far as it has been followed, emphasises the dividing line between Lamb's poetry and his verse.

Froebel emphasised the "crying need" for connection of school and life, pointing out how the little child desires to imitate and the older to share in all that, as Professor Dewey puts it, is "surcharged with a sense of the mysterious values that attach to whatever their elders are concerned with."

He had a good deal to say about the danger there was from the teeth of animals or of human beings when enraged, and he emphasised his remarks by the application of a pencil of lunar caustic to each of the marks left by the sharp white teeth.

Mrs. Chick, Mr. Dombey's married sister, emphasised this opinion.

The whole teaching of the Broad Church School tends, of course, to emphasise the humanity at the expense of the Deity of Christ, and when the eternal punishment and the substitutionary atonement had vanished, there seemed to be no sufficient reason left for so stupendous a miracle as the incarnation of the Deity.

About every form connected with the marriage service the Church threw its halo of mystery and symbol to emphasise the sacred character of the union.

And, as though to emphasise the eternal closeness of comedy to tragedy, two small details rose out of the scene and impressed me so vividly that I remember them to this very day.

There seems little to sustain such a judgment other than the desire of writers to emphasise a comparison between him and his brother.

Greeley's absolute ignorance of military conditions did not prevent him from emphasising with the President and the public his very decided conclusions in regard to the selection of men and the conduct of campaigns.

When Mahomet made Jerusalem his Kibla, or direction of prayer, and emphasised the connection between Jewish and Arabian history, they suffered these advances, and agreed to a treaty which would have formed the foundations of a political and social convergence and ultimate absorption of their own nation.

He emphasises "the cruelty and waste of irresponsible competition," he admits "the licentious use of wealth," but he also recognises "the tyranny and the spiritual death of an iron-bound Socialism," that violent and venomous form of Socialism, which Mr. Punch this week has represented under the apt symbol of a clinging, hampering, and suffocating Serpent.

Her hats had all a fringe of disconsolate feathers, whose melancholy plumage emphasised the downward curve of her mouth.

The theme was so likely to emphasise the defects incident to his mighty qualities; so likely to provoke an exaggeration of those mannerisms of thought

The war has merely emphasised a depression which had already fallen on the industry.

Some of the statues are ridiculous in the extreme, but these monstrosities served the better to emphasise the dignity of King Arthur's pose and the nobility of his countenance.

Artists of the higher class at first opposed this levelling down of intelligence,but feeling themselves too weak to resist they had withdrawn to a distance, emphasising their disdain and their isolation.

It was one of the habits which emphasised most strongly the moral distance between her and her parents.

" In the Everlasting Gospel, Blake emphasises, with more than his usual amount of paradox, the inherent divinity of man.

Wars and battles, the stern career of a Saxon leader, the life of the woods and fields attracted him far more than the refinements of a Norman court, and by emphasising the elements that were most congenial to himself he developed an entirely different picture from that presented by either Geoffrey or Wace.

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